Feature: The Girl Gaze Project

Scrolling through your Instagram feed, it is so easy to find yourself mesmerize by the high quality photos posted by your friends and favorite influencers. Some of the photos seem to be perfectly posed, while others are genuine candids. We quickly like our favorite photos and continue scrolling, forgetting to consider how the photo came to be the brilliance that it is. That is where Girl Gaze comes in. 


    The Girl Gaze Project works to turn the camera around, and shine a light on female photographers and creators. The movement is designed to not only strengthen the meaning of the terms girl and female, but to also empower those who identify with them to make a move with their passions. Viewpoints and perspectives through the lens are being brought to a woman’s level, in order to capture life from a ‘girl’s gaze.’ 



    The organization is spread across four platforms, in order to truly get their message across. Most notably, the exhibit in Los Angeles features prints from artists who are a part of the movement in order to display the viewpoint on a wide scale setting. The printed magazine and Instagram page also have just as much essence of empowering the women’s eye for film. 


    The pieces featured in the movement highlight the aspects that most magazine spreads blur and edit out. It shows real women, with every detail that has somehow grown a negative connotation upon itself. The manner of posting photos of the features that turn us shy has the intention to eliminate the sense of insecurity about them. The goal of the woman who work with Girl Gaze, as stated is, “to break the boundaries and determine their own identity, sexuality, and beauty.” 




    The founder, Amanda de Cadenet, started the movement as a way to feature girls in a light of beauty and with a pure lense, lacking the effects of photoshop and airbrushing. Little did she know that her name and brand would be plastered in celebration in large publications like Teen Vogue, LA Weekly, and Refinery29


    Girl Gaze has opened up the doors for a new way to view the world: from a girl’s world. Whether the eyes have seen abuse and hate or love and lust, the images they build in this project are sure to hit you where it hurts, as well as where it heals. 


Follow the journey of Girl Gaze on their website, and on their Instagram.


Header Credit: Amaal Said, #GirlGaze: A Frame of Mind

Chelsea Triano