Feature: BOLT

BOLT is a nonprofit organization in North Carolina that is all about promoting confidence in young women, which is something the world needs a lot more of these days. 


    Their target group of young women are between the ages of seven and eighteen, helping them prepare for life beyond grade school. Their program contains three main features: the Modern Curriculum, community service projects, and a college prep program for the girls on the older end of their spectrum.


    There is also a donation section on their page, so you can give whatever you can to help improve young women’s lives. I think it is extremely important to get involved with something like this because coming from someone who didn’t have the best confidence in herself growing up, I really could have used a strong group of people around me who were going through the same things I was and struggling with the same things also. 


    One of the things that caught my attention the most was their events page. They are currently doing something called Promenade Express, which is all about helping girls who may not have enough money to afford a prom dress for themselves. They collaborate with shops in the community to give local girls the chance they deserve to attend prom.


    You can learn more about each of the different parts of their program and events, as well as placing a donation on their website, as well as follow them on Twitter.

Mika Matias