Binge Watch: Fan Favorites

   Like most teens/twenty something year olds, I love binge watching shows, especially on Netflix and especially when I should probably be doing something else. Now, I most certainly have some favorite shows that I feel just about everyone should binge at some point.


     Starting with a classic, Grey’s Anatomy is the perfect binge watch! With over 250 episodes, you could watch this show for months straight, really connecting with each and every character. Grey’s offers happiness, sadness, and crazy plot twists, all within a hospital setting, making you question exactly what is coming next. Also, producer Shonda Rhimes is the QUEEN of cliffhangers. Looking for a show to sob, laugh, and lust over (the characters are all super hot, to be quite honest), Grey’s Anatomy is it! 


     Almost everyone I know has been obsessed with 13 Reasons Why, and rightfully so. Based on Jay Asher's best seller, 13 Reasons Why gives you true insight into the lives of, sadly, many teens in the world today. While fairly graphic (trigger warnings at the beginning of those episodes), this show most certainly does not sugar coat the effects of depression and suicide. 13 Reasons Why might not be the happy go lucky show that we want to watch, but it is the true life show that we all need to watch. Take the time to invest a few good hours into 13 Reasons Why


     Finally, one of my favorite shows, in which I could watch over and over again: How I Met Your Mother. This show consists of 9 seasons of complete hilarity based on the lives of 5 friends in New York City. One character, Ted, narrates the entirety of the show, as he is retelling the story of how he met the mother of his two children. Nothing is exactly as it seems, and let me tell you, the series finale is one that you'll never forget. Don't miss out on this iconic show. 


     New shows are constantly coming into Netflix, so I'm sure my favorites will eventually change, but as for now, these three shows are on my 'must watch’ list. Have fun binging away, but please do yourself a favorite and actually study for finals. You'll thank me later.


Header Credit: CBS