State of Myne: A Conversation with Aly Silverio and Nedda Parangi

As 2016 came to a close, best friends Aly Silverio and Nedda Parangi were teasing some big news. With secrets of a new project and the phrase “State of Myne” showing up on both girls’ social media platforms, fans of Aly’s previous company, Jawbreaking, were dying to see what the pair had in store. Fast forward to March 2017 and fans finally got a glimpse of this well-kept secret project. State of Myne is an online clothing store curated by both girls, including pieces from brands they love and were dying to share!


Obviously we’ve been fans of you two for a while, but some of our readers might not be familiar with either of you yet. Introduce yourselves! How did you two meet?

    Nedda: We met at a concert in 2011. We had a mutual friend and were outside of a music venue when Aly jumped into my car to avoid an ex-boyfriend she ran into. Aly told me all of her drama even though she didn't know me and the rest is history.


We love that State of Myne is a shop curated by best friends! What led you to start this new brand together?

    Nedda: To be honest, we were having a emotional breakdown together about life and what the future held for us when the idea began. Aly wanted and needed something new after growing up with Jawbreaking for 8 years and I was making a career switch after working in radio. Things just lined up from there and we haven't questioned it since.


You definitely have a unique brand name. Why did you decide to call the company “State of Myne?” What’s the significance behind the name?

    Nedda: Picking out a name was definitely a challenge for us. We were trying to come up with something that represented both of us. Myne is blend of our names - Mylene is Aly's middle name, so we took the first two letters of Mylene and added the first two letters of Nedda and came up with Myne. With that, we added the play on words and came up with “State of Myne.”


As longtime fans, we’re also familiar with your work with Jawbreaking and we were sad to see Aly step down as CEO. How does this company differ? Was the transition difficult or did you think it was time to start something new?

    Aly: Change is ALWAYS scary. I loved what I did and what I built, but I just felt like I needed something more. I definitely danced around the idea of leaving Jawbreaking for awhile. It was extremely emotional to "leave it all behind,” but knowing that I was going to be starting something brand new and different with my best friend made it all the better. 

    Having a store like State of Myne was actually something I've always wanted to do. In certain aspects, it is similar to what I was doing at Jawbreaking, but although it has its similarities, there are still things I'm learning! I started Jawbreaking when I was 15 and I tried to keep the style as consistent as possible for our customers, but I just started to outgrow the graphic tee trend. I wanted more! What's great about State of Myne is that it's 100% me and Nedda's style. Not to say that Jawbreaking wasn’t, but I definitely vibe more with our new brand. It's more "me."


You dedicate a portion of your homepage to “Babe Brands We Love” and there's definitely a girl power vibe to the site. What led you to take on these women-run companies? How have they influenced your style choices?

    Nedda: We're all about supporting our boss babe ran companies! All the Babe Brands we highlight are from companies we've personally purchased from and loved in the past. So we love sharing that with our customers!

    Aly: I'm a sucker for a good story. We're both personally so inspired by the stories of the brands we carry. I can really relate with these women and I love learning about their personal strengths and struggles while running their businesses. We hope that by carrying these brands and sharing their stories that we'll inspire our customers in the process.


Although your site is curated with pieces from other companies, you’ve also included some of your own designs in the launch. Can we expect more of these fan favorites with future launches?

    Aly: Definitely! Design and graphic tees will always be near and dear to my heart, so of course I had to throw in a few! It's not our main focus as of right now, but we would love to expand in the future with an in-house brand exclusively for State of Myne.


We constantly see you chatting with customers on Twitter or updating them via Instagram. How important is it to have this connection with them through social media?

    Aly: The power of social media never ceases to amaze me. I think that's one of the things that sets us apart from other brands or stores. We're super personable and always down to have a convo. I've always felt like my followers were friends and I end up learning so much about them and what they like! 


If you could pick one piece from your shop that customer HAD to have, what would it be?

    Nedda: The Boss Babe bomber jacket by The Style Club is definitely a piece that we're both obsessed with at the moment. Every boss babe needs one!

    Aly: I'm obsessed with the Memesh bodysuits by Valfré! It's not your average bodysuit and that's what I love about it. 


Now that we’re all desperate to get our hands on your clothing, where can our readers find you both/your shop?

    You can visit our website or follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

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Mika Matias