Feature: Kaylie Simmone

“Life waits for no (wo)man,” and visibility and business coach Kaylie Simmone certainly is not waiting for a single thing, taking her life into her own hands.

As a self-made girl boss, Kaylie Simmone is taking the online world by storm. After struggling in a typical 9 to 5 job, straight out of university, Kaylie simply could not stand working on someone else’s terms, and decided to take a major leap of faith. That leap into the business world lead her to debt beyond belief, but also to freedom and total euphoria.

During her struggle to create a life, and job, that she loved, Kaylie found so many other aspiring female entrepreneurs, facing the same issues that she was. Inspired to help other women succeed in the business world, kayliesimmone.com was born.

Filled with tips, tools, and her “Invisible to Irresistible” program, Kaylie aids young entrepreneurs in focusing their brands, capturing an audience, and clarifying business goals, all to create memorable businesses. After a major learning curve and lots of trial and error, Kaylie Simmone can truly be called successful. Using her many social media platforms, Kaylie spreads her ‘girl boss’ attitude and inspiring story of success.  

If you would like to learn more about Kaylie and her programs, check her out on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and at her own website. You most certainly will not be disappointed.