Reflection: The Importance of Art

One of the most unique parts of your being is your voice. You control what comes out of your mouth. You have the ultimate power over what you represent. So, why are you letting yourself be silenced?


    Our world is plastered with art in today’s society. From song’s about the president’s policies to visual media streams of protests, all art has underlying messages and motifs. There are so many outlets for our minds to become tangible images, and yet, so many of us shy away due to the fear of judgment. I’m not talented enough. I’ve never taken an art class. What if it doesn’t sound as good as hers? We are so quick to worry about our abilities and forget that the ultimate intention of art is not for it to be perfect, but for it to be meaningful.


    The keystone to art is emotion. If you are feeling, you can create. There are no ifs or buts in the realm of art. You can let your hand stab the paintbrush into the red paint and make rough strokes upon the canvas. You can glide your fingers across the piano keys as your foot taps the pedal to hold the notes with ease. Whatever your heart is feeling, your art can express. Your art has the power to tell the entire story, or to just take a quick glance. 


    Art is one of the rare forms of existence that can truly unify a community, even when there are disagreements flying left and right. Dozens of songs exist that have proceeds going towards indigenous areas in Africa. Movies and television shows discuss topics that are banned from the dinner table in order to open the eyes of the public. Books and poetry permit the heart and mind to open up and find themselves in every interpretation. Whatever your media form is, find it, and use it. 


    You are not limited to one form of art. Your mind is bendable, and your hands can evolve. If you’ve found that you love playing guitar and have been playing for ten years, it does not mean that you cannot paint a replica of Starry Night. There is beauty in all art, but the most beautiful aspect of art is that there is no true definition or restriction. 


    There is no need to be afraid to express yourself through art. Whether you doodle your daily thoughts in a private journal or publish a graphic design piece, create art for you. You do not need to be attending Pratt Institute in order to create art. Art is the most wide open form of therapy. Release your heart. Release your aggravations. Release your art.

Chelsea Triano