Feature: Jawbreaking 2.0

In late October of 2016, former creative director Aly Silverio announced that she would be handing over her clothing brand to a new executive, in lieu of her yearning to start a new project. Many took the news with hesitation, but as the new face of Jawbreaking took the stage, it was proven that the hesitation was unnecessary. 


    Jefferson Ellison has carried a new name over to the Jawbreaking image, with power and representation. The company used to be the go-to site to find quirky printed tees and trendy baseball caps, however, the content has changed into a new realm of fashion. 


    As it is classically known for providing the most trendy and relatable shirts, perfect for layering with flannels and accessories, the new brand has continued to produce minimalistic designs, like the basic white tee shirt. They have also began to reconstruct the store, bringing in an overall new look. 


    The fact that Jawbreaking now sells fishnet socks and diamond chokers speaks wonders in regards to their new direction. The style is more chic, featuring pieces that you could pair with a crew neck sweatshirt or wear out to a gala, and look on trend in both cases. 


    Besides the obvious change of the variation of the products that the company is selling, they have also began to promote and display more diversity. Jefferson has tied in the well-deserved social movement of black empowerment into the brand, and it is speaking wonders. In today’s age of constant social conflict and yearn for progression, his ability to use the company for change is greatly admired. 


    Jawbreaking has not restored itself, but has simply been renovated. They have held onto their roots, but have also allowed for the brand to fly into new realms. Hats off to the new team, and may their brand grow to become so much more.

Header Credit: Local Wolves

Chelsea Triano