Valentine's Day: The Ultimate Guide

It’s that time of year again when love is in the air! Yep, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. For those of you in a relationship, it’s a chance to show your significant other how much you love and appreciate them. From a romantic date night to chocolate and flowers, this holiday is filled with all things L-O-V-E! But before those of you not in a relationship start rolling your eyes, don’t worry, there’s way for you to celebrate too. I compiled a list of musts for any successful Valentine’s Day: movies, gifts, baking, and of course, treating yourself!


Date Ideas

    With Valentine’s Day already about a week a way, I’m sure that you’re already looking for something special to do and making plans. Whether you’re in a relationship or hanging out with a few friends, there are plenty of options. 

     Being single, date night is not in the books for this year. If you’re in a relationship this year, you might be scrambling around last minute trying to find something to do. Of course there’s the usual dinner and a movie, but that can get old especially if it’s your go-to date night and if your relationship is new, it might make things a little awkward. Instead opt for somewhere both of you can enjoy without getting too serious. Add an educational element with an aquarium or museum trip or get competitive with bowling. On the pricier end, head to a concert or a sporting event that you’ve been dying to go to. Last year, I spent Valentine’s Day petting puppies and it was honestly the best way I’ve ever spent the holiday.

     Even if you’re single, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Galentine’s Day instead. Round up your closest gal pals and enjoy not having the pressure of a romantic night out. Movie nights are a great way to celebrate(you can find a list of my go-to movies below). Add some comfy clothes, face masks, and lots of junk food and you’re all set! Want to get out of the house? Schedule a spa day and enjoy a facial, manicure, or pedicure. A shopping trip is also another way to spend time together while also treating yourself! Finish off the day with a stop at your favorite restaurant or order some take out.



    Valentine’s Day is filled with all of the cliche gifts: chocolate, flowers, jewelry. I mean I wouldn’t turn down a heart shaped box of chocolates, but these are the easy routes. To show those special people in your life how much you really appreciate them, we’re going to take it a step further.

    In my opinion, there is something truly unique about getting a personalized gift that is tailored for you. If you were thinking about heading down the jewelry route this Valentine’s Day, ditch the heart shaped pendant for something personal. Whether you get the other person’s initial or a date that means something to the both of you, they’ll certainly appreciate having something that is specialized for them.

    Heading down the candy route is definitely understandable because I mean who doesn’t love chocolate and all things sweet?! This year, mix it up with some DIYs! MissTiffanyMa shares an easy way to gift candy while also adding in the personalization factor with her candy box DIY. Want to DIY the candy too? LaurDIY shows you how to turn chocolate melts into heart shaped treats. Also be sure to check out her donut DIY for those of you not feeling the massive chocolate hearts.



    If you couldn’t already tell, sweet treats are a definite must for me when it comes to Valentine’s Day. From chocolate covered strawberries to cakes covered in red and pink frosting, you really can’t go wrong.

    Instead of going with the classic chocolate heart this year, incorporate it into your baking. Delish shared an easy way to include chocolate as well as conversational candy hearts into their Candy Heart Bark. Another one of their chocolate go-to desserts is the Death by Chocolate Cheesecake, which I may have to make for myself after looking at the picture.

    Want to stay away from the chocolate? Try baking some festive cookies and cakes. Liv for Cake shares a recipe for heart-shaped macarons that bring in the classic Valentine’s Day themes. Or go for something red with Delish’s Red Velvet Skillet Cookie. You can always add some love to regular sugar cookies by adding some red or pink frosting and themed sprinkles.


Movie Night

    When it comes to Valentine’s Day, nothing gets you in the mood quite like a cheesy romantic film. Of course there are the classic Nicholas Sparks’ movies that you could marathon for an entire night, but your significant other may not be in the mood to ugly cry over The Notebook year after year. Instead, opt for some feel good movies that will make you laugh. Valentine’s Day, the appropriately named film featuring a long list of well known actors, is sure to feature at least one couple that you can relate to. Hitch, featuring Will Smith, Kevin James, and Eva Mendes, is also another go-to when you’re in need of a laugh and a good love story. My mom’s personal favorite would have to be Dirty Dancing. I mean who wouldn’t want to dance with Patrick Swayze?

    Nothing says happily ever after quiet like a Disney movie. Although I may be a bit bias as a big Disney fan myself, these movies put you in the mood to find your own Princess/Prince Charming and live happily ever after. I definitely recommend Beauty and the Beast in anticipation for the live action film’s debut in March. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White round out the classics. Looking for something more pet friendly? Lady and the Tramp is your best bet for a lovely bella notte.

    Want to avoid the whole lovey-dovey Valentine’s films but still looking for a happy ending? He’s Just Not That Into You is my pick. With relationships now being focused on texting, Tinder, and “Netflix and Chill,” it’s perfectly understandable that you don’t know where you’re at with someone you’re interested in. And who knows if they’re interested in the same way? Follow Ginnifer Goodwin’s character Gigi as she tries to figure out the whole love thing. Another one of my favorites would have to be 10 Things I Hate About You. From Julia Stiles anti-dating attitude to Heath Ledger’s charm, you’ll be hooked right away.


Treat Yourself

    Not everyone is able to share Valentine’s Day with a significant other, but that doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the festivities. Two words: treat yourself. Buy yourself a big box of chocolates, throw on your favorite sweats, and enjoy one of the movies I mentioned above. Take the time to hangout with friends or family and appreciate those around you.

    But on the other hand, we all need a bit of alone time to relax. If you find yourself alone this year, celebrate with a bit of self-love pampering. It wouldn’t be one of my posts if I didn’t suggest some fun nail art to keep things festive. HannahRoxNails shows you some mix and match designs perfect for the day of love! Want to take it a step further? CutePolish shares a variety of easy designs in her ultimate nail guides (1 and 2). Baths are always another easy way to relax. From bath bombs to bubble baths, find a scent that you love and enjoy!

Mika Matias