Fashion: Valentine's Day Outfits

Valentine’s Day. Maybe those two words woke up the butterflies in your stomach, or maybe they hit your gag reflex. It’s one of those holidays that have mixed reviews and varied plans. It calls for weeks in advance restaurant reservations and dozens of tubs of ice cream.


    If you’re someone who is all set for staying in with a few friends, snacking on popcorn and ice cream, and doing anything but thinking about what February 14 and heart shaped chocolates is all about, then there’s no need to worry about going out and shopping for a new outfit. My personal favorite lounge around and do anything but truly think about life consists of cozy pajama pants, an old high school drama club t-shirt, and fuzzy socks. Essentially, what you wore to bed last night is the perfect look for the next day’s festivities.


    This year may be different, however. Maybe the group of gal pals you’ve watched rom coms with for the past three years want to go for a night on the town, and suddenly your fuzzy socks have to go to into retirement. The perfect going out look is a lot easier to achieve than it sounds: open your closet, pick out the pieces that make you feel most confident, and voila. It sounds so much easier said than done, but for me, I know that I have the most fun and can truly enjoy myself when I’m not worrying about if my top is too plunging or how tight my pants are. A favorite style of mine is dressing up my favorite pair of jeans with a pair of heels and a nice blouse. You show up looking like you just walked off of a lookbook magazine, but walk around feeling like you’re wearing an everyday outfit. (If, of course, you kept that pair of heels that dig into the back of your ankles at home.)


    If you’re one of the lucky woman to be in love, hats off to you. Seriously. I’m genuinely happy for you. Definitely not super spiteful that you have someone to cuddle with while I just have my pillows. It’s fine. But in serious terms, when you’re in a state of bliss and love, going out with that special someone is exhilarating. Whether you’re going out to dinner and a show or for a walk downtown, you want to look and feel your best for both yourself and for them. Throwing on your favorite dress that fits like a glove, and dressing it up with heels or booties is a go to style for me. You’ll feel confident without feeling over the top.



    Whether you’ll be spending your Valentine’s Day snuggled in bed with your partner or out dancing with friends, be sure to indulge in happiness and love for yourself. The stereotypical connotation of red roses and diamond rings does not have to mean that you cannot celebrate without a significant other. Show some compassion for yourself, because you deserve it. Dress up or dress down, whatever makes you the most happy. Treat yourself, and love yourself.

Chelsea Triano