Reflection: Feminists and Friendships

Feminist: it used to feel like a dirty word when it would occasionally spurt out of my mouth. It meant that I value women more than men, right? Up until college, no one had corrected my view on the topic, but when it truly was corrected, it most certainly opened my eyes.


    While I didn't realize it, I was surrounded by feminists my entire life. I was raised by a family of strong women and men, who valued each person for who they were, and because of this, I became a strong, independent woman.


    In a society where women are still not completely valued, I am among the ever growing population of those who believe that women are still not treated as men’s equals. Society has perpetuated the ideas of women being less than men, as we are called 'sluts’ for having sexual freedom or 'bitches’ if we assert ourselves and take charge of a situation.


    Society has also forced us to believe that other women are competition, not allies. Yet, when women only make 77¢ to every dollar a man makes, shouldn't we band together to create change? One would think that this would be an easy task, but the gender inequality is so deeply ingrained into our lives that women are so against their own gender. 


    “Women are so problematic,” I heard someone say, in regards to why she is friends with more males than females. Are we actually problematic or is this woman just conforming to society’s ideals? I am not sure, but I do know that surrounding yourself with those whom share the same values allows for a harmonious friendship, with males and females. Ignore society’s pressure to fit all females into one very stereotypical box, and form opinions for yourself. Feminist or not, we should all strive for equality of some sort.

Tristen B.