Reflection: America's Future

This country that I am ever so grateful to be a citizen of has advertised itself as the melting pot since the beginning of Manifest Destiny, when it was all but open and unclaimed land. Everyone was accepted, and encouraged to be here. The United States was the place to be. Within just a month of history, however, everyone has suddenly begun to question the title.


    The past eight years have been the most civilly progressive years in American history since the 1960’s. From legalizing same sex marriage to drastically reducing discrimination, American life under Barack Obama was a place for social change. The second Donald Trump’s administration published their White House webpage, however, any sight of social movements vanished from the profile.


    I cannot say that Trump and his administration plan to destroy the progress of equality, as they have denied such actions. I cannot jump to conclusions, although so many details of his campaign irk me to do so. The next four years in the US are not going to be like the last eight. There has never been a time of utopia and perfection, but there does not seem to be one in any time of the future either.


    I am afraid for my friends who are a part of the LGBTQ community, and I am afraid for the families of my friends who are first generation citizens. I am afraid to see what will happen if Planned Parenthood is defunded, and I am afraid to see what will happen to the education system in areas that are of lower economic classes who cannot afford to attend the proposed private and boarding schools. The amount of fear that rooted from this presidential campaign is not normal, and it is not right.


    No, there was no order to this article. It didn’t have a final verdict, nor is it going to conclude with some elaborate idea unfolding. It is simply the manner of my thoughts and feelings of our future, and you are subject to agree or disagree with me, as the freedom to believe and support what you will is in your right.


    I am white, but I have absolutely no tolerance for racism. I am a woman, but I will not let my gender limit my power and control over myself. No matter our political views, we are all in this for the next four years. We must stand together. We must not let our country go back in time. We must support our brothers and sisters. If we truly are the nation of the free and the brave, then we must prove it.

Chelsea Triano