Feature: Alyssa Mopia

Mark Andrew Gonzales’ quote “Create. Love. Travel. Vibe. Repeat.” is certainly one to live by, and social media strategist Alyssa Mopia is taking those ideas to heart.


    A graduate from San Diego State University with a degree in Communications, Alyssa is simply taking the online world by storm. Fellow lover of lists, coffee, and writing, Alyssa connects to her readers through her unbelievable story telling skills, sharing her ‘Weekly Little Wins,’ ‘#WhereAlyssaWanders’ travel posts, and everything in between on her blog


    Alyssa's most recent project, Coffee & Convos, is innovative, as well as creative. As Alyssa believes, “...the best conversations happen over coffee.” She has set out to capture the essence of these conversations. Sitting down with people from all walks of life, with no script or prompt, Alyssa deeply connects with others over coffee, and then recounts these powerful conversations for her entire online community to read. 


    Another one of Alyssa’s many online ventures, Casual Creatives, is a rising podcast series, featuring Alyssa's friend, Nancy. Used to inspire listeners to create and actually do rather than just dream, Alyssa and Nancy encourage all to #FearLessCreateMore. Their bubbly personalities work marvelously together, making their first episode one that is truly entertaining as well as informative.


    With collaboration, creation, and community at the center of Alyssa's online family, the heartwarming, relatable vibes emitted from her writing completely draws in readers of all sorts. If you want to check out more of Alyssa’s work, check out her Instagram and Twitter.


Header Credit: Leslie Colon Photography