Reflection: A Thread of Positivity

When I think about what I want my legacy to be, and what I want people to remember me for doing, nothing powers over the idea of simply being positive. I try my best to be the person who brings light in a stream of gossip and negativity. With the access of social media and worldwide networking, I have dedicated my self brand to repute that same ambiance. When I am feeling frustrated or want to rant about why life isn’t going my way, I compute a tweet, or a blog post, or a message, and send it to my drafts. I step away. 


    Almost a year ago, when the rush of movie clip threads and The Office meme streams began on Twitter, I decided to join in and make a thread. This thread wasn’t one of comedic scenes or classic early 2000’s songs, but a thread of positivity. I wanted a place to go to when I was feeling the urge to scream digitally, and to confide in my own advice. I pinned the tweet to my page, and to this day have it so. It is at easy access for me, and for anyone looking for aid, and I think that is all I can ask of what my social media persona offers and represents. 


    Some of the tweets are satirical, offering suggestions of how to not study for advanced level courses, or what some of the best songs to sing along to in the car are. Others, however, are heartfelt advice on how to move on from past loves or to make the most of your days. There are quotes from television shows, and lyrics to meaningful songs. Every tweet that I link to this thread, I ensure that my heart feels some sort of connection with. I have learned through the years that I am truly someone who acts without allowing the trend of what everyone else thinks or does to influence me, as long as my actions do not cause harm or disturbance. I know that I can trust my own words and my own heart. 


    My initial intention when pinning the thread was to establish a positive first impression. If someone were to stumble upon my account, I wanted them to know that they were welcomed there. That I would be there for them. That I cared. As I moved on and allowed the thread to become longer and winding, however, I found myself referring to it just as much as I added to it. We don’t realize it until after, but sometimes the best advice and therapy is rooted from times of trouble that we have already endured. 


    I never intended for the thread to really get any notice or acknowledgement. I pinned it to my page as an easy access for myself, and for anyone who may need it. Social media isn’t always about testing your audience or anticipating for a round of applause. From it, however, I have had a handful of peers approach me through private message and in person and tell me that a message within the thread had hit home. None of the tweets are as praiseworthy as those found on, but they’re from my heart, and knowing that they’ve made a difference somewhere is incredibly humbling. 


    I’ve learned from this thread specifically that you are the one to build your reputation online, and offline. You have the option to build yourself up, or to create a persona that your heart does not truly reside with. If you remain true, you will find comfort and happiness with your identity. Use your access for the better.

You can find the thread here.

Chelsea Triano