Feature: Lindsay Scholz

Many creative hearts never take on the world with the drive they have bottled up because they are unaware of how to get their name out into the world. Their passion is there, but their knowledge on promotion and branding is not. That’s when Lindsay Scholz comes in, fairy wand and all, and helps to push a riveting heart into an established brand. 

I had the opportunity to chat with Lindsay and dig deeper into her practice of branding and design. So, let’s get to know “that working girl.”


When was it exactly that you realized that you were meant to push creatives into making a name for themselves?

    It’s hard to put a finger on the exact moment that I knew I wanted to begin working with creatives. I can say, however, that a ton of little moments led to this realization! From designing my first logo (and being paid for it!) in 2013, to rocking my first freelance social media client in 2014, these little victories helped pour into a newfound passion that I knew I wanted to grow into a sustainable business over time. 


Did you brand yourself before beginning to brand others, or did both come as a linear growth? 

    I did brand myself before branding others, and I learned a ton in the process. My former blog, That Working Girl, taught me the importance of creating an eye-catching, cohesive brand, as well as the importance of consistency in design. I became totally obsessed with researching optimal font pairings, downloading new Photoshop brushes to play around with, and taught myself the ins and outs of InDesign. I soon took notice that as my personal brand became more refined and robust, my online community took note and began reaching out for assistance with polishing up their own brand identities. 


Where do you pull your inspiration from in terms of finding that perfect aesthetic to offer to your clients?

    It may sound cliché, but I pull loads of inspiration from my Pinterest boards! If one of my clients mentions offhandedly that she loves rose quartz, I immediately find myself scouring Pinterest for inspired textures, images and patterns that embody that exact color. When I start on a new branding project, I always craft a private Pinterest board specifically for each client to keep all inspiring visuals streamlined in one place.


What do you find is the biggest pay off from your work, whether it be to watch a brand truly expand after your impact or simply finding a new friend through working with them?

    The biggest payoff is hearing that I helped clients discover more of who they are, and because of that, they flourished even more in their business. I’m happy to say that my branding and social media work has also connected me to new friends that have encouraged me to take huge leaps in what I do, and for that, I’m grateful! 


Do you see your work improving and thriving with each new client? How does it feel to see the power your art has?

    Practice makes perfect, and I’ve absolutely taken note of the changes in my aesthetic with each new clients that I work with. The power of a typeface, of negative space, of a powerful color palette are all more apparent to me now than they were a year, or even a month, ago. When I see a brand that I designed go live on a blog or website, my heart is so happy to see that I was able to bring my client’s vision to life in a beautiful, colorful way.


Do you have a preference between working with larger, already established companies and with just beginning individuals?

    As of now, I’ve primarily worked with individuals and small businesses, but I would certainly be open to working with larger companies in the future. I know that as I grow in experience and skill, new and exciting opportunities will come along! 


If someone came to you and asked for three basic tips on how to find their image, what would your response be?

    I would say to pay attention to all of the great environments around you: how do you decorate your home, and why? What colors and textures are you attracted to while shopping? These seemingly mundane preferences all culminate to be important parts of your brand. Second, take mental note of other brands and retailers that you’re drawn to. Last, think about who you want your target audience to be, and how you can be the most real version of you to connect with them.


How do you hope to grow, both personally and professionally, within the near future?

    In the near future I hope to continue working with incredible clients while building impactful brands and solid social strategies for them. I hope to also find a way to take parts of my business offline, by teaching workshops and classes that will inspire others to fearlessly pursue their personal brand and all of the great rewards that a strong social presence can reap.


Find out more about Lindsay on her website.

Chelsea Triano