Feature: Deena

Indie rock powerhouse, Deena, is taking the music scene by storm. Based in Brisbane, Australia, her soulful voice has captured the attention of thousands as she has completed a national tour and participated in an abundance of music festivals. 


    Only in the music scene for a few years, Deena has already released two albums: Lone Wolf in 2013 and Black Cat in 2015. The growth between these albums is blatantly obvious, and Deena’s newest single, “Turpentine,” has a certain dark power that makes this song unforgettable. 


    Considered the 'Most Promising Female Songwriter’ by the Queensland Music Awards, Deena is a force to be reckoned with. Her gritty, raw emotion in her self written songs is unlike any other. Keep an eye on Deena, as she certainly is a rising star. Check out Deena’s music on her website.

Tristen B.