Feature: Tash Sultana

One of my favorite places to find new music is SoundCloud. No matter what your taste is, you are bound to find someone that you love on there.


    One of the newer artists that I was asked to listen to is Tash Sultana. She is a 21 year old artist from Melbourne, Australia. On her Soundcloud page, she has an interview of her on a radio show that introduces you to more of what she is like. She has an incredible down-to-earth personality, and even if you don’t like her music, she’s just an amazing person all around.


    In the interview, she says that although she wasn’t always a fan of her voice, she is starting to like it more and more. She also reveals that she started singing and playing around with music when she was just three years old! Her popularity isn’t just reserved to Australia, as she has recently sold out shows in the Netherlands. 


    As far as her music goes, her six-song EP was released last September on iTunes. On iTunes, her music is classified in the Alternative/Rock genre and that is a spot-on description of what her songs are like. While alternative tends not to be my cup of tea (I am a country and pop girl at heart), the lyrics in her music are captivating. She has such a special way of capturing emotions, such as heartbreak, in her song “Notion.”


    If you have a similar taste in music as I do, I would start out with “Brainflower" and then go from there. I feel like that song has the most ‘pop’ vibe to it.


    Love for her music doesn’t stop overseas, as she has upcoming sold-out shows across America starting next month. There are tickets being sold on StubHub, but her shows in popular cities, such as Boston and Philadelphia, are sold out! At the time I’m writing this, there is only one ticket left for her New York City show and under 50 left for her show in Portland, Oregon. So I think it’s safe to say that people all around the world are falling in love with her and her music.