Feature: Wild Hearts Co.

After a week of busting your you-know-what over pleasing every customer that your eyes lay sight on, dealing with two nights out with friends, and overall making sure your overflowing schedule doesn’t actually cause a flood in your life, the only thing on your mind is to relax and focus on yourself once the weekend begins. Wild Hearts Co. understands that concept completely, and wants to show you how to make every weekend about you.


    Lindsey Eryn Clark and Lauren Palomares started their company, previously known as Coast to Coast Central, as a way to keep up with each other while living on opposite sides of the country. Their first action was a challenge of sending their daily outfits on social media, which soon led to a globally known feat. The tag transitioned from fashion to hardships to dreams and aspirations, and before the co-founders could stop it, they had grown their own community. The #CoastToCoastChallenge was now a Coast to Coast movement.


    The trend of turning dreamers into doers lived on for three years, with a new theme of discussion each and every week. The ladies behind the company soon concluded that Coast to Coast Central no longer represented what their base truly stood for, and so they renamed their brand Wild Hearts. With a new face but the same standards, the platform was moved from online chats to a home site in order to permit for other realms of empowerment. 


    The new home to the community of bravery and passion opened up the opportunity for the owners to begin inspiring in different forms, with blogging and a vast spread of social media outlets. Proceeding the grand response of their following and the impact their ideas had left on fellow dreamers, Lindsey Eryn and Lauren realized that there would be a way to collaborate with their community in person, and they began planning the Wild Hearts Wknd. 


    This weekend blends the roots of their company, holding events on each coast of the US, alongside an event in the center of the country. The Wild Hearts Wknd is meant to bring every dynamic factor of love and inspiration and go get ‘em attitudes to life, surrounded by people and an atmosphere that embody the same. From rich food and rich conversation to writing workshops and city explorations, a Wild Hearts Wknd is the epitome of self indulgence. 


    Wild Hearts Co. is all about keeping your driven heart on track, but not being fearful of taking a few detours. Whether you want to take on the active journey of attending a weekend event, or dive into the inspiration from your bed, Wild Hearts supports you endlessly. 


If you’re curious to see if Wild Hearts is coming a city near you, visit the tour dates page. Go ahead and follow them on Instagram too. You won’t regret it, wild heart.