Music: Muddy Magnolias

    Muddy Magnolias is a two-person act by Jessy Wilson and Kallie North. This is an artist I wouldn't have listened to if it didn't show on my Spotify as a suggested album. I slowly grew to love their songs. The songs are soft and then end on a powerhouse note. It's described as soulful folk-rock. Recently formed in 2014, Broken People is their first album.

    Each song is about a love for someone or faith. Sharing the same title as the album, "Broken People," is a specific song that highlights faith. They have collaborated with John Legend on their song, Leave it to the Sky. My favorite song is Brother, What Happened? "Trying to check in with my ego." Their lyrics uplift you to check in with yourself and better yourself.

    You can find Muddy Magnolias on Spotify.



Photo Credit: Muddy Magnolias