Music: September Playlist

Once September hits, we try to hold on to that last bit of summer before we head into fall. Most of us are heading back to school or spending our days at work instead of on the beach. Here are some tracks to get you through the change in seasons.


hurts so good - astrid s

    You may already be familiar with Norwegian pop star Astrid S due to her features on popular songs like “Air” by Shawn Mendes and “Running Out” by Matoma. Astrid first got her start on Norway’s Pop Idol and soon after signed with Universal. In 2016, she released her self-titled debut EP featuring “Hurts So Good.” The pop track is about two lovers who keep going back to each other, knowing someone will get hurt every time.


sleep alone - stanaj

    Sometimes I come across new music in the strangest way. Stanaj is one of those instances, showing up on a Snapchat story last month. Although you may not be familiar with the name, he has connections with some of rap’s heavy weights, including Drake and Jay-Z according to his Instagram page. His EP, “The Preview,” was released in August with “Romantic” becoming a favorite amongst fans. However, “Sleep Alone” stuck out to me because of its feel-good beat. 



influence, cool girl - tove lo

    After releasing “Habits(Stay High)” in 2013, Tove Lo became well known for her hypnotizing club tracks. I was actually lucky enough to attend the iHeart Radio Music Festival last year in Las Vegas where Tove performed both at the Daytime Village show as well as the iHeart show in MGM Grand. After that, I was hooked. 2016 has been a big year for her with the release of her single “Cool Girl” from her upcoming album, as well as a feature on Nick Jonas’ “Close.” Her newest single, “Influence,” was released today and has already become a favorite.


gold - kiiara

    Kiiara’s “Gold” has recently made its way to the top of the charts and rightfully so. This track is the definition of being upapologetic. Kiiara describes the message of the song as being about not having to answer to anyone, which stems from how she was raised. With the first line “gold up in my teeth,” she instantly asserts her authority over a lover who neglects her. 


you don’t own me - grace feat. g-eazy

     After being featured on the Suicide Squad soundtrack, this track became necessary for those moments when you need a confidence boost. What better way to gain that confidence boost than to remind those around you that they don’t have control over you? The G-Eazy feature adds the cherry on top to this track.



in the name of love - martin garrix & bebe rexha

    Bebe Rexha has been responsible for some of your favorite tracks for years now and you probably didn’t even realize it. She’s written tracks like “The Monster” for Eminem and Rihanna and has been featured on tracks like “Hey Mama,” “Take Me Home,” and “Me, Myself, and I.” I was fortunate enough to see her open for Nick Jonas on tour last September and this girl does not play around. Her latest collaboration with Martin Garrix shows why the songs she pens hit the top of the charts.


catch me here - drumsound & bassline smith feat. conor maynard

    You’ve probably come across Conor Maynard on your Facebook feed. He’s been releasing covers of popular songs on YouTube as a way to release content in the time between his first album release in 2012 and an upcoming album that’s still in the works. He even released an album last month with some of his most popular covers. “Catch Me Here” is his newest feature release. The DJ produced track just makes you want to dance with its catchy beat.

Mika Matias