Music: Sabrina Carpenter's "On Purpose"

When seventeen year old Sabrina Carpenter made an announcement last month that she would be releasing new music, fans couldn’t wait to hear what the Disney star had in store for her upcoming second album.


    Carpenter stars as Maya Hart in Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World alongside Rowan Blanchard and original Boy Meets World castmates Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel. The television series recently wrapped up its third season, with a return for a fourth season still up in the air as the network makes decisions about the upcoming viewing season.


    Along with her spot on the show, Sabrina is also signed to the Disney Company’s music label, Hollywood Records. In April 2015, her first album Eyes Wide Open was released, featuring singles such as “We’ll Be the Stars,” “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying,” and the title track “Eyes Wide Open.” Her captivating and unique voice set her apart from other Disney stars that have made the transition from acting to music.


    So it’s no surprise that fans were eagerly anticipating new music from the young star as 2016 rolled around. Earlier this year, Carpenter announced that she was working on her yet-to-be-named second album. This album would have a more mature feel in comparison to her first album. In February of this year, she gave fans a peek into her new sound with the release of her single “Smoke and Fire.” Although most will assume the song is a breakup anthem, Carpenter describes it as being about the time after a relationship ends when you have to deal with it on your own, distancing yourself from the other person.


    However, Sabrina surprised her fans last month with news that they would finally get a true taste of her new sound with the release of her single “On Purpose.” With only a week between the announcement and the song’s release, Sabrina teased fans with snippets and a daily countdown to get them ready.


    The single definitely hints to the more mature sound Sabrina was teasing about. It centers on a relationship that neither of them expected to arise. But now that they are in a relationship, it seems like it was meant to be.  With lines like “You're scared, I'm nervous, But I guess that we did it on purpose, on purpose, on purpose, Baby, I know it's weird, but it's worth it, But I guess that we did it on purpose,” the song is the perfect anthem for a young relationship. Since both individuals are so young, or even heading into a relationship for the first time, there is a sense of nervousness and worry about how the relationship will work out. Although neither planned to start a relationship in the first place, it feels right to be together.


    Within the first week of its release, “On Purpose” has quickly earned praise amongst a variety of media sites. On the day of its release, it reached the top 50 on iTunes’ music charts. It also became the most buzzed about song on Twitter, noted by Billboard’s Trending 140. Apple Music has also added it to its Best of the Week playlist. 


    Let’s be real, whether you’re involved in a new relationship or not, this song will quickly become one of your favorites. The raw emotion and vulnerability, as well as the catchy chorus, will have you hooked within the first couple of listens. 


Want to listen? Check out the audio on YouTube, stream it on Spotify, or download it on iTunes.

Mika Matias