#SWW: A Conversation with Cheyenne Corbine

M: In your own words, tell me a little bit about yourself. What is there to know about Cheyenne Corbine that we might not see on your social media?

HAHA, um, that's a tough one!! I try to be super honest on social media because I think it's so easy to trick people into thinking our lives are one way when they're just not, so most people can see who I am and what I'm going through pretty candidly on there. Everyone knows I can drink six cups of coffee in one day, that I'm very emotional, that I cry over good things and bad things ALL the time, that I get excited VERY easily. 

I cringe when people call me dramatic because I already know that I am, but I prefer to call it enthusiastic rather than dramatic. I'm a homebody who is at home in New York and at home in Nashville which obviously leaves room to tear my heart in half a little bit because when I'm in one place I'm 937 miles from the other. I'm incredibly sensitive. I value consistency more than anything when it comes to friendships and relationships. 

The most common misconception people have about me is thinking that I have great self-esteem and that I'm super solid with my identity! I struggle with those things a lot, sometimes I'll think that I'm not enough but more often than not recently it's been that I'll think that I'm too much, and those two lies are equally as dangerous! But people don't think that I struggle with that because I try super hard to find all of myself in Christ. So when I'm feeling super low or super unworthy or super lost or super dramatic or super loud, anything, I don't turn to people, I turn to Christ. So everyone thinks I've got that under control but I totally don't. It's all God. He's got it. 

M: What is your connection to DOY? How were you first introduced to our community?

I was first introduced to DOY when I was a junior in high school I believe!! I know it was through Twitter, but I don’t remember the details exactly. I think I knew a few of the artists that they’d picked up on their team, definitely at least one. I started talking with Cydney about how great they are, and she was like well hey we think you’re great, wanna be on the team?! And honestly, she’s flipped my life upside down since. When we first had that conversation, I don’t think I even knew what healthy self-esteem looked like!! And then she filled my life with loving people who have constantly showered me with words of encouragement. I’ve made a lot of changes in my life since then, seeing as I’m now going into my junior year of college, and the DOY team has stood by every single one of those changes, not just in a background “we’re here” way, but in a very present way. Reaching out to me during the biggest transitions, sending me letters and texts when they felt me shaking. When I think back on my first introduction the the DOY community, I just smile. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people standing by my side. 

M: I love the way you seem to handle yourself, both through your words and your spirituality. Having been a part of the DOY community for quite some time now I'm sure you are aware of #selfworthwednesday. What I want to know is this: what does #SWW mean to you? 

CC: AW, SELF WORTH WEDNESDAY! Honestly, thank God for Cydney and her desire to start that. For me I think, Wednesdays are tough days. Being able to open Twitter on a day that is screaming “hey you’re half way through the week, if it’s been a good week GET READY because it could stay good or it could get really bad, if it’s been a bad week then I hope you’re ready for it to finish horribly!!”, it’s just this weird Wednesday mindset. BUT then I get on twitter and Instagram and I’m like “hey Wednesday, look at this!!” It’s like a consuming flood of positivity. The only way to not drown in it is to stay off social media for the entire day, and lets be real, that’s rare. So to me, self worth Wednesday is something that drowns me in positivity on a day that typically tries to drown me in anxiety. 

M: So why do you think it's important for positive hashtags like self worth Wednesday to be utilized via social media?

CC: As we ALL know, this world is chaotic. I won’t say it’s ugly, because it’s not. It’s still beautiful. It’s just in a chaotic state and ugly things are happening. Since this world is so chaotic, social media is ALL about that. Every time I refresh an app, there’s a new tragedy, a new hashtag. Self worth Wednesday has become a consistent source of light, even though it’s surrounded by pretty consistent sources of darkness. Positivity in any context or form on social media brings light back to a very dark world.