Feature: Seth Baker

Seth Baker, a young, talented male had surfaced on social media in about 2009. Since then, he has built his career in photography, vines, and much more. According to his digital resume, Baker did not originally go into what he does now. He had originally planned on pre-med when in school. Well, lucky for us, he had decided to go a different route and had other passions in life. 


    Seth displays his many talents on his website. The website includes samples of different things he can do such as magazines, tutorials, and much more. He also had started a blog of his own earlier this year. Although the blog has just a few posts, Baker had begun writing about a variety of topics. He writes about artists, music, how-to’s, and reflections. Like many of our own writers here at DOY, Seth Baker is an incredible writer. Not only is he detailed in what he writes, but is also very honest with his audience. In late April 2016, Seth writes about the feelings he had felt after graduating. He speaks of the process of emotions he had leading up to and following graduation. It is honest and a beneficial read. Along with writing about different topics, he also adds gifs, photos, and videos in his posts. 


    Baker is of many talents. He is someone who DOY has watched strive over the years. He is continuously being inspired and works on his portfolio. Ladies and gents, Seth Baker is definitely one to watch.

Dorothy Yeung