Feature: So Worth Loving

"It's common to feel unworthy of love but uncommon to talk about it. I talk about it."

In a time when the world is full of negativity and hate, it's no surprise that more and more people are losing their sense of self-worth. Just take a look at social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, thousands of people are struggling and in desperate need of someone, anyone who can show them just how worthy they are.


And that's where So Worth Loving comes in. Meet Eryn Erikson the founder of SWL, a clothing brand that promotes self-worth and self-love through fashion. Based in Atlanta, the brand began while Eryn was living a double life, working full-time, being a nightly musician while on weekends licensing said music to tv shows, videographers, etc. When one of her music videos went viral she was intrigued by the idea of sharing something physical with her audience that meant something to each of them personally. Not long after 'so worth loving' came to mind and she went to work with spray paint and stencils designing shirts.  

"So Worth Loving; it's a lifestyle, a way of thinking."

Eventually, she started a blog for anyone who wanted the statement of self-affirmation on a shirt of their own for free. With the overwhelming number of shirts she received in the mail, it became clear that there was an incredible demand for people to carry this message of self-love with them. It became an outlet for which people looked to share their story of their own struggle with self-worth. After receiving messages like "Thank you for telling me I'm worth loving. Nobody every told me that" SWL grew to what it is today: a community and a clothing brand.

The vulnerable bravery and courage of strangers to share their stories with Eryn, inspired her to face her own. So SWL went from a side project that Eryn was passionate about to an actual company.

"We truly believe if you live your life through the lens knowing that you have value and you have worth your decisions are different."

The vision SWL encourages is that no matter your history, past mistake, religion, career choice, or relationship status, you are worthy of love. It's not just a clothing company.  It is an open, welcoming, judgment-free family that exists simply to remind us to "embrace [our] past and empower [our] future."


To learn more visit: http://shop.soworthloving.com/