Music: Jordan Gable’s “Fool of Me”

Once summer rolls around, we’re all looking for those songs that we can sing along to at the top of our lungs when we drive around with the windows down. For me, that song has to include a fun beat and catchy lyrics that you just can’t help but sing. 


    If you stay up to date with our blog, you read Dorothy’s post on Emily Vaughn’s “What Do You Want” a couple of weeks ago. This week, we’re introducing you to another favorite from the talented circle of songwriting friends. 


    Jordan Gable released his newest single “Fool of Me” last month and it has already become a must-have on my summer playlist. The beat of the song will get you hooked right off the bat, giving you the perfect pop backdrop with a hint of disco vibes. 


    As great as the beat is, the lyrics are really what will draw you in. With lines such as “Don’t make a fool of me, fool of me, it’d be too easy” and “I could give you all my heart and more,” Gable describes everyone’s fear of putting your all into a new relationship. It captures the vulnerability and second thoughts that cross your mind when you put your whole heart into that7 relationship, unsure of what the other person is feeling. You’re hoping that the other person feels the same way for fear of looking like a “fool.”


    “Fool of Me” definitely meets all of the qualities of a perfect summer song. With a beat that will make you want to dance around and catchy lyrics that perfectly match the feelings of a new summer relationship, you’ll seriously want to listen to it over and over again.


To listen to “Fool of Me” and other music from Jordan Gable, check him out on SoundCloud.

Mika Matias