Feature: Carolina Londono

Twenty-two year old Carolina Londono started her passion of photography just when she was a toddler. With her parents’ support and encouragement, her passion has now expanded to making custom jewelry and custom art shoes. I had the privilege of interviewing Carolina and learned a bit more about her art.


We know you do some really great art and photography, but for the readers, could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Carolina Londono, I'm a 22 year old photographer and artist born in South Florida to Colombian parents. I have my Bachelor in Fine Arts degree in Photography, but lately I've been drawn to becoming a metalsmith. I'm still just a young artist trying to find my footing :)


What got you into photography?

Some of my earliest memories involve this toddler-proof camera. My parents weren't photographers or anything, but they encouraged me to take photos so it's just something I've always done. But I became really interested in it when I was about thirteen and my dad gave me his Canon T-50 (a 35mm film SLR). He taught me what he knew; which was how to load the film, to put it on automatic, and focus the lens. I was obsessed with the way film looked, especially when something goes wrong and you don't get what you expect - it pushed me to better learn how the camera worked and my photos would improve. I've always been a creative kid, and despite being a painter I just love the mechanics and science behind photography. It called to me most, so it's what I decided to study!


What are some aspects to capturing the perfect photo?

I feel like this could be subjective to different people, but my biggest personal thing is composition. I'm all about very centered or symmetrical photos, but that's just my personal taste. Lighting is also super important! I love shooting on slightly overcast days because it's a very soft and flattering type of light.


From your photos, what do you hope your viewers perceive from it?

Lately I've been trying to capture more details to kind of tell stories about the day/concert/photoshoot/adventure/whatever. I hope people look at my work and maybe see something they already know but in a different perspective. When I do portrait-work it's usually of a friend - and with friends I always try to catch how beautiful I see them as humans. Having friends tell me that they love the way I captured them is the best feeling.


Seeing your photos on your website, you take pictures mainly of musicians and people. Why did you choose to take pictures of people and musicians?

Since highschool I've been going on "Photo Adventures" with my friends where we find a cool place, dress up, and photograph each other. It's helped improve my skills significantly and it's also great bonding time with friends in cool places! As we've matured you can see our photographs have as well. So I didn't go to my first concert until my senior year of high school, but after the first couple of shows I went to I saw some photographers in front of the barricade and decided that was where I wanted to be. It became a way to combine two things I loved, and was a good way to get into concerts for free. It's just one of those things that no matter how much I shoot, I always enjoy the satisfaction of getting good shots.


You also have an Instagram sharing photos of custom jewelry and custom art shoes. What was the inspiration behind that?

Funny story, I have this annoying obsession with rows of three on my Instagram - it's become a little side project to take a set of 3 photos that capture the day but also have matching color schemes. It's just something I use to push myself to take photos with whatever camera I have on hand, and make an effort to create good photographs no matter what. The problem is that only features my photography, because no one wants to see 3 photos of the same painting or piece of jewelry. I made the art account so I can share things as I make them all in one place. This account will eventually become the Cheap Luck Co. Instagram since it showcases all my handmade work.


Do you ever get artist block when it comes to your jewelry and art for shoes? If so, how do you overcome that?

Thankfully making jewelry is still really new and exciting to me, so I always just check out Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest for inspiration. The shoes are a strange situation because I'm usually recreating an album cover or just painting someone's idea. I don't really get artist block, but I end up procrastinating way more than I should. The only way I overcome it is by sitting at my desk and not getting up until I'm done.


On your Etsy page, you say that you're in the rebranding phase. What can we expect from your line of accessories?

I just announced that I will now be selling my handmade pieces under the name Cheap Luck Co. I'm currently working on a bunch of copper jewelry pieces that will all be posted for sale later this month when the website officially launches! For now, I focus on necklaces of all sorts, and I hope to later move onto rings and bracelets as well as leather clutches, wallets, and other accessories. I hope to start selling around local marketplaces in the Orlando area as well as online, and I'm working hard to be sure this turns into my livelihood someday soon!


Carolina Londono, a true inspiration for the arts. She makes beautiful art and is truly a gorgeous model herself. You can find her art displayed on her Instagram and photography on her website. If you’d like to purchase or take a look at her Etsy page, you may also find it here.




Dorothy Yeung