Getting Ready for Someone's Big Day

Earlier this year, my cousin asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. I had been dreaming for years to be hers because she's been a real role model to me. She has and always continue to be the person who loves unconditionally as well. My cousin is this beautiful and intelligent woman who has been with her, now, fiancée, for nearly eight years before he proposed Memorial Day weekend of 2015. Here are a few tips I’ve learned so far on this journey! 

Keep the bride relaxed and happy. There’s nothing worse than having someone you love stressed out trying to plan their wedding! So take them to the spa with the other bridesmaids or go on a trip to bond with the other girls if you don’t know them very well. For us, we liked going to shop for dresses and shoes together. We also bonded over really great Indian food. 

If they are stressed, remind them why they’re doing this, whether it may be for family, friends, or even sharing their special day with the people they love. 

Be honest. One thing I’ve learned is when they ask a question, give them the honest truth, not what they want to hear! If they get what they want to hear, you get the blame if they’re not satisfied. 

Make sure they have fun while planning their wedding. Planning is probably one of the most stressful things especially for a one day only party. Even if it is buying flip flops (like I did with my cousin the other night), make sure it’s fun! 

Be sure to let them know what you’re willing to do for them. My cousin is one to never ask for help but I make sure that she knows I’m always around to help. 

Coordinate with the Maid of Honor and other bridesmaids! You may know the bride really well but the others may as well. They may know things you don’t even know so coordinate and plan together. 

If it’s a wedding with mainly DIYs, help out! It’s hard enough to make things for a room to be special, imagine having to make gifts for all the guests! So make sure you help out hands-on and not stick it to the other girls OR THE BRIDE. 


    Alright, so maybe you’ve got some of this down already. Let’s get it on with the gifts! Some couples may already have registries ready and done, some may not. My cousin currently has not made a registry and I’m not sure if she ever will so I’ve gone to one of my favorite places for gift ideas, Pinterest. I’m really liking the idea of basket of pairs.



Super cute and corny especially if you think the bride and groom are two peas in a pod. 


    Another gift I’m really liking is a cutting board with their names and date of their wedding carved in. I think this is a fantastic gift for couples or even just one person who loves to cook.



    Now, now, you’re probably wondering “okay, but like what should I wear to blahblahblah (e.g., bridal shower, engagement party, etc.) event?” Well I’m glad you asked! Earlier this year, I went to an engagement party and had the same exact freak out. To be very honest, it all depends on the attire that the couple suggests. If it’s casual, you can totally wear whatever you wish. If it is more business casual, I like wearing a nice collar shirt with some jeans and a pair of wedges or flats. If it’s something more serious, a great dress within the seasonal colors would be super great as well. 


    So far, it seems like 2016 is the year of weddings, especially this summer. Have a blast and make sure you hydrate. All that dancing could make you real thirsty! Don’t forget to make sure the couple is happy and loving every step, from the planning of the wedding to the wedding day itself.

Dorothy Yeung