#SWW: A Conversation with Courtney Benisch

Whether you follow Dream On Youth on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, it is easy to see that we strive to shed light on the conversation surrounding self-love and self-worth. On Wednesdays specifically, we like to bring our community together using #selfworthwednesday. This week, I got to chat with former Dream On Youth intern Courtney Benisch about her involvement with #SWW and how important it is to bring this conversation to life on social media platforms.


Hi Courtney! Those who have been following Dream On Youth for a while now may be familiar with who you are, but for those who are new here, can you please introduce yourself and explain your connection to DOY?

    Hello DOY'ers, I'm Courtney Benisch, former Dream On Youth Fashion and Business Intern! I currently have a big girl job as a Public Relations and Event Director for a local business. I found DOY back in 2013 when it first formed and met some amazing girls along the way. DOY was something I had never heard or seen before; it was an outlet for youth to learn, read, and go to whenever they had issues or wanted to celebrate a victory. DOY came into my life when I needed it, and I met one of my best friends. To have a group of girls with a strong relationship skyrocketed DOY into what it is today, and I couldn't be happier seeing its success.  


We’ve loved having you by our side for so long! As you mentioned, you’ve been a part of the DOY family since the beginning, so you’re very familiar with #selfworthwednesday and what we do. What does the #SWW movement mean to you?

   Self worth is something our society needs so bad today. Whether it's young women having low self esteem, dealing with mental health, or physical health, our society loves to tell us what is "right" and "wrong." When #SWW came into DOY, I jumped right on board. We need to educate the audience to LOVE the special or unique things about them. We need to educate youth on mental illnesses and how they aren't a BAD thing. Erase that horrible stigma. We need to adore our bodies and embrace those "flaws" that society thinks we have. That's why I really believed #SWW could help thousands or even one person. 


How do you practice self care and self love in your daily life?

   Lately I've had some pretty bad lows happen in my life, but I always make it a point to celebrate the little things. Make yourself happy before anyone else, you will thank yourself for it. I love socializing and being around people, but I do need my personal time. Whether I read a book or do something as simple as hanging clothes in my closet, I try to escape for a bit and try to relax. I've really learned that you HAVE to take care of yourself so enjoying the cups of tea or funny jokes will make a difference. Enjoy the time you have with friends and loved ones, embrace every moment with them. That's what makes me feel like I am worth something. 


We know you’re all about PR and social media, so how do you think a social media movement like #selfworthwednesday has impacted those who follow us? What’s the importance of having a conversation about a topic like this on a social media platform?

   I think #selfworthwednesday is the perfect thing to do on social media. It works on all outlets like Instagram and Twitter, and really spreads across a broad audience. Anyone can connect with #SWW. It is so important to have a conversation like this on social media because that is where most of the bullying and harm is happening. People think they are all high and mighty behind a computer screen and will say anything to anyone. It's so sad to see the hate online these days. #SWW can help those that are in need of some light at the end of the tunnel. We are there for them. 


What advice do you have for those who are struggling with the practice of self love/self care?

   This is not the end. You will get through whatever you are battling. Take it day by day and in time you will realize how much worth you have. You are special and loved so don't doubt that. Take care of yourself. Vent to friends, family, and DOY if needed. This is just a small bump in the road and you will get past it, I promise.