Feature: A Beautiful Mess and Oui Fresh

Meet Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. These sisters run the company known as A Beautiful Mess, a women's lifestyle company focused on creating happiness every day through a homemade lifestyle. Through this company, the sisters blog about all things DIY, including home decor, recipes, and crafts.


    Elsie Larson started A Beautiful Mess in 2007, however, the vision of the company truly came to be when her sister Emma joined her in 2010. Today Elsie runs the creative side of the business. She oversees the look and feel of the company’s online content, their products, and their side projects. Emma Chapman oversees the business side of A Beautiful Mess. She also contributes to the editorial for both the blog and their online education program. The sisters are also surrounded by a team of people including writers, photographers, a graphic designer, and a product developer just to name a few. You can learn more about each member of the team here.


    With the creation of their blog, the two ventured out into other projects to meet the needs of their faithful readers. Currently, they are the creators of three photo applications, A Beautiful Mess, Party Party, and A Color Story. A Beautiful Mess allows users to apply custom filters, fun fonts, and hand-drawn doodles by Elsie and Emma to their favorite photos to share with friends. Party Party works like your own personal photo booth, allowing users to create personalized photos using stop motion animation, collage layouts, filters, and frames. A Color Story helps highlight the most important features in your photos by enhancing the colors through filters, effects, and a variety of tools.


    The sisters also teach online classes at Shop A Beautiful Mess. Here, readers are able to learn tips and tricks for topics such as DIY, blogging, crafting, photography, and cooking. Though the sisters teach some of the classes themselves, they also introduce readers to experts in the specific area to give the best quality of information possible.


    Starting in 2013, the sisters took their blog writing skills to the next level, putting out their first book titled A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book. This book provides 95 tips and challenges will help you learn about what makes a picture great, as well as ways to enhance the beautiful pictures you’re already taking.

    In 2014, they added to their book collection, releasing a second book titled A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home. For all of you DIY-lovers, this book includes advice on topics that will help your personality shine throughout your home. 


    That same year, A Beautiful Mess also released a product line, which now includes planners, stationery, and scrapbooking necessities. Readers can also join their choice of two subscription programs. The first subscription program, launched in November 2014, is called Happy Mail. With this subscription, subscribers will receive a package of stationery worth at least $50 retail value including cards for year-round occasions. 


    The second subscription service, Messy Box, was launched in March 2015. Each box is filled with scrapbook essentials, including paper and cards, stickers, embellishments, and other special items. Both services are offered on a month to month commitment, a six month commitment, and a year commitment. Both programs for this month highlight the arrival of summer by featuring tons of bright colors, pineapple and palm tree prints, and popsicle stamps. 


    As if the two sisters already didn’t have enough on their plate, they introduced their own clothing company, Oui Fresh, in May of this year. The line currently features a variety of t-shirts, apparel, and accessories. The girls partnered up with Hello Merch because they’ve been long time fans of the company and wanted their customers to get the same quality that they enjoy themselves. With bright colored sunglasses and t-shirts with phrases such as “The Babe with the Power” and “Good Vibes,” you’ll definitely want to snatch up all of the pieces for yourself. You can shop the current collection on the Oui Fresh website. Also, keep up with the shop on their Instagram


With all of the new and exciting things these lovely ladies have in store, you’re not going to want to miss out! Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for all of your go-to DIY projects.


Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess

Mika Matias