A Review: "What Do You Want" by Emily Vaughn

Twenty-one year old singer/songwriter, Emily Vaughn, released her latest song “What Do You Want” on May 20th and let me tell you, SUCH A JAM. 


    Vaughn starts the song off with a synth pop sound of the words “go away” for the first ten seconds of the song. To be honest, at first listen, I wasn’t in it, but as soon as I heard her voice and the words Emily was singing, my ears were all open. Emily’s voice is so powerful and gave the lyrics a punch.

    The lyrics tell a story of letting go of a relationship and all the nitty gritty things within that relationship that is no more. I’m not sure of Emily Vaughn’s intended meaning, but for me, it sounds like she is realizing it’s time to let go of an abusive relationship. Her words “I gave everything, and if I gave everything that I had, what do you want from me?” really hit close to home for me.

    At the end of the song, we can hear it in Emily’s voice that she is done. She is over the people who have hurt her. Listeners can hear the strength in her voice each time the words “what do you want from me” are sung. 

    Singer/songwriter, Emily Vaughn, has only just started. I am sensing a really great singer in the midst. I am a bit obsessed with this song and I’ve literally been driving around, screaming it out my car window. I cannot wait to see what else Vaughn has in store for her listeners. You can listen to “What Do You Want” here. Also, look out for the music video coming soon!

Header credit: Emily Vaughn, Alexandra Register

Dorothy Yeung