Chasing the Dream: Witty Serendipity Magazine

Witty Serendipity: Whether it be wit or serendipity that brought you here, welcome friend!

Back in February, my friend Gabbi and I got together for our usual: food and catch up nights.

Gabbi and I have been friends for three years now, having met in our college dance club.  Our friendship bloomed as time went on and we realized we were both English majors and shared a dreadful British Literary class together. As we started talking our mutual interests began popping up and now we text each other angsty comments about our favorite shows and gush over the latest book we’ve read.  

This night was like any other. We updated each other on our lives and things that are better discussed in person than via text.  I had been writing for an online magazine for a few years and then introduced Gabbi to that world.  We were discussing the trials and errors of writing for someone else.  As enjoyable and beneficial as the experience had been, Gabbi and I were frustrated. Writing is something we both love and if we want to have a future from it, we want what we’re writing about to be similar to that of which we’d love to read.

“We should just start our own online magazine!” And so it began. We know what we like, and we understand the mishaps and triumphs of someone living in their 20’s, being as we’re 20 something just as clueless as our readers.

Gabbi, being a graduate student going for her Master’s in English, is surrounded by fellow 20 somethings carving their way into the world. So, we’ve earned ourselves a few other writers since that night in February.  

Although the process of diving headfirst into posting and promoting our work is slow, our future looks promising.  We’ve had business flyers made up, articles are brewing and will be sent out shortly and hopefully the time off this summer will boost our online presence.

Being that I work part time, write for two internships, have a blog of my own and run the social media for my neighbor's business, it seems like I’m overloading myself.  Every opportunity that I’ve come across I’ve accepted, because I’m not giving up. I need to keep my creative outlet busy.  I need it to be able to say: I’ve got experience and I’m ready to work, to keep anyone from looking at me telling me I wasted my degree. I didn't and I won’t. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and my success as a writer won’t happen overnight. It’s a process of trial and error, pushing myself to be better, letting go of doubt and my willingness to have patience.