I Refuse To Be A Victim

My name is Dorothy and I am a victim of abuse.

    I was 16 years old, had only recently broke up with a significant other of mine and was looking for comfort. My friend, who became my girlfriend soon after, was someone who stuck around at all times. She was the one who made me laugh, feel confident, and also comforted me when I needed it. Good friend turned to girlfriend and, in the beginning, it was beautiful like any relationship’s beginning. We were young and we didn't care about what we were up against.

    A year into our relationship, we quickly started to fall down a rabbit hole, one that kept spiraling without a stop. Eventually, I was berated when I was with friends and family instead of her. If I hadn't told her where I was or who I was with, she felt the need to panic and to text me every other minute. It wasn't healthy. Everyone who I considered a friend, and knew about our relationship, told me so but I didn't listen. I fully believed that she needed me. A few months later, I had enough of her berating and her pushing me down when I was finally happy. She had me believe that I would only be happy with her. I finally had a realization of what true happiness was and when I finally had the courage to leave, she did what she could so I would stay. This included threatening that if I left, she would commit suicide or run away.

    I chose to stay for two years before I finally had the real courage and confidence to leave this toxic relationship. Even then, I was afraid of leaving but I had to do what was best. I couldn’t allow myself to be with her anymore.

    So why did I choose to write about my abuse? I wrote this because it affected my mental health. It changed the way I thought of myself and everything around me. May is mental health awareness month. I wanted to write about this to bring awareness that abuse affects everything whether it is physical or emotional. I just ask of you to take care of yourself. Your mental health is just as important as your physical. You deserve the very best and more. You are an incredible human being who should be happy and free. You are loved and will continue to be loved.

My name is Dorothy and I refuse to be a victim of abuse. I am a warrior.