Feature: Glam Camp for Girls

“Your everyday girl that does not go to church, once she gets a glimpse of who God is, she wants God.


When Stellar and Dove Award-nominated gospel recording artist & Dream Girlz Gathering Founder Melinda Watts first left her position as a high school English teacher to begin a brand new adventure, she was a little bit hesitant. She loved mentoring young girls, but she knew God had plans for her.


Thus, Glam Camp for Girls was born. GLAM Camp, which stands for Girls Leadership and Mentoring, is an overnight leadership and empowerment camp for girls ages 12-18. Women currently in college can also play a part in this camp, serving as mentors to the young girls. 


Glam Camp is presented by the Dream Girlz Gathering Foundation in order to provide a safe space for these young girls to grow as leaders in their schools and churches, as well as in their communities. They accomplish this by “providing age-appropriate sessions focused around goal-setting, leadership development and peer-mentoring.”


This camp, running as a 3 and 4-day event, is meant for those young girls “who desire to ignite passion in their communities and make a change in their world.” In 2016, Glam Camp for Girls is taking their program to both US coasts. Camp Adored will take place in Sacramento, California from November 13th-14th. Camp Letts will take place in Washington, DC from December 4th-6th. You can find out more about these camps and register here.


Although the camp only runs for a few short days, the creators of Glam Camp for Girls hope that their message will be carried on in the girls’ communities and their everyday lives. To ensure this, they created a community-based movement called “She Loves Loud.” This community allows girls from all over the country to connect and spread the message that love is louder than the difficulties they may encounter. They are encouraged to lead with this love and celebrate those around them.


You can find out more about Glam Camp for Girls by checking out their website or join the community through their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Header Credit: Glam Camp for Girls

Mika Matias