The Ups of Working for Multiple Brands

Internships, jobs that pay you in experience. When you're a struggling college student who lives off of ramen noodles, you probably find the idea of an internship as unappealing as your 8am Psychology class. The thought of doing more than one isn't even something you would consider if you didn't realize the benefits it could have towards your future.

1. Varying Experiences: They say when you start an internship it's "good experience." Well, working for more than just one will give you a bit of an edge. Working for more than one brand at a time allows you the opportunity to gain perspective and to expand your understanding of each respective field simultaneously.

2. What Makes them Tick: Working for different brands simultaneously also means you'll be experiencing distinct leadership styles in your bosses.  How does this one stimulate morale, how does that one deal with inconsistency, etc.  This will harness your capacity to handle divergent  ways of thinking, teaching, and learning.  No one person follows the same strategies, and there aren't a specific set of rules for success, this gives you the opportunity to be exposed to multiple.

3. Boost Your Resume: No matter what career field you are heading into, being able to showcase that you've worked for various brands, at the same time, will increase the positive impression from future employers.  It will tell them you are an incredibly hard worker and are willing to go above and beyond what is required from you.  People like passion, people like dedication, this will give you that extra push towards the top of the never ending pile of resumes.