Feature: Ashley Beaudin

“A master encourager, a failure specialist and a visionary for visionaries.”

These are three phrases that perfectly describe Ashley Beaudin.

Ashley is the creator of Fire and Wind Co., an online-based community known for its passion to encourage and engaging Twitter chats.

You may be asking: why are they named Fire and Wind Co. in the first place? “Fire is the core of your heart. Wind is the movement you put to that. Combined, you’re unstoppable.”

Empowerment, passion, and encouragement run wild within this community. Whether it’s in your business life or your personal life, everyone needs someone by their side to remind them that their dreams are worth pursuing, despite the obstacles that may get in the way.

Ashley will be the first to admit that there are times when she failed, both personally and as a community leader. But she doesn’t let those failures stop her, she celebrates them! She relies on her calling and never gives up. Knowing these failures first hand is what allows her to push the individuals in her community towards their greatest potential. She shows them that there is someone on their side, encouraging them to find their own calling.

Fire and Wind Co.’s latest movement is the Heartful Hustle. This is described as “an approach to business where you lean into your heart and free yourself from your fears to fulfill your purpose.”

In both business and life, we focus on what’s successful. We want to make money and look fabulous while doing it. However, with no drive or passion behind this journey to success, we often find ourselves unhappy and/or not enjoying the work we do. The Heartful Hustle was created as a way to find that purpose along the way.

Behind this movement is four pillars: Core, Audacity, Home, and Refresh.

The Core pillar is described as being the step where you get in touch with your calling. This is your chance to really listen to your heart and discover why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Audacity is the pillar of action. Once you have found your calling, it is then necessary that you start doing something about it. “It is stepping out in action. It is putting yourself out there. It is facing fears with courage. It is a conviction for what you have inside.”

The Home of this movement is your community. As a creator of an online community, you are in control of the space you want to create and how you want to get others involved. “You get to put your hair down and be you.”

Technology is a large part of creating a community and communicating with others within it. Fire and Wind Co. hosts a weekly Twitter chat where they get to know their community in new ways week after week. However, they remind their community that it is also necessary to step back and unplug through the Refresh pillar. This allows you the chance to take care of yourself away from the Internet.

You can learn more about this movement here and take #theheartfulhustle pledge!

As someone who has lost their passion at points along the way, it is powerful to see that there are people like Ashley and the Fire and Wind Co. community on our side. They serve as a constant reminder that our dreams are worthy, even though we may face obstacles along the way.

If you want someone like that on your side, be sure to check out Ashley Beaudin on Twitter and Instagram, and join the Fire and Wind Co. community by following them on Twitter, Instagram and checking out their website!