The Future Can Hold Anything

“Maybe you’re so confused about where you’re supposed to go with your life it overwhelms and you feel like you can’t move.” Taylor Swift

    We wake up every morning, expecting just the average to occur. Go out to breakfast with a friend, get a load of laundry done, run some errands, finish a shift at work, grab a quick bite for dinner, catch up on the latest episode of a popular drama show, go to sleep, and wake up to follow the pattern yet again. It’s such a natural element that we have to know how to perform and deal with the everyday ordeal that when something out of the blue shows up, we stop in our tracks. We think we know everything that is going to happen within the hour, day, and week, until life takes a left turn when the directions said to continue moving straight. There are no emergency kits for the future. There’s no hidden signs that let us know what will be added on our lists of adventures taken by the end of the year. The future is blinding, and all we’ve got is optimism in our hands to take it as it is.

    It’s difficult to imagine ourselves being anything or anyone else than who we are at this state, until we’ve already moved on. Think back to two years ago. Whether you need to take a walk down your Instagram feed or flip through your printed Polaroid photos to remember it, reflect on where you were. Who were you spending time with? What was your most prevalent dream? What top did you wear at least twice a week? Was there anything in your life then, that isn’t now? When you posed for that picture or signed that internship acceptance form, you had no clue of where your action would lead you. We have expectations and ideas of how X will influence Y, but there is never any confirmation of what will happen, until it has. This idea can be intimidating, and it can be exhilarating, but it should NOT keep us from moving on.

    Anything can happen - yes, this is a cliché, but yes, it still holds its value. This truth connects to the unpredictable path of the future, but also to the backing of our dreams. We are sometimes presented with dark times that nearly vanish the possibility of the future. We find ourselves ripping at dreams that have seemed to become dry, and putting together puzzle pieces that no longer have a solution we want to discover. The future becomes distant, and a climb that seems treacherous to defeat is presented. The idea that there is a way out of the darkness we are engulfed in appears to be nonexistent - until an inch of hope falls upon us. We didn’t expect life to be of light, until it showed up at just the right time. We too often doubt the chances of life, and that good things can happen. Without disregarding the fact that hard times can come, we need to remember that life can hand us a bouquet of flowers and an all-expenses paid trip to an island at anytime. If we hold onto that faith, even if it is so minute, we will be able to pick out the chance of good in our future.

    Our schedules may be jam packed with conference calls and lunch meetings and monotonous activities, but these handwritten plans are not the deciders of our future. We can organize and color coat calendars as detailed as we enjoy, but we can never know with certainty what the next hour will hold. This may stand as a reality check, but it most definitely should not work to crush possibilities and pose fear. The future can hold anything. No matter what is thrown our way, we must not let the potential of a test of strength keep us from moving forward. We are the future. We cannot turn away from its invitation.

And if you ever find yourself stuck in a rut of discouragement of the now, refer to this quote from Paramore: Just think of the future, and think of your dreams. You'll get away from here, you'll get away eventually.