Feature: Alli Peters

“Sometimes all you need to get you through the day is one good thought.”

    If you’re searching startyourmorningright.com for one good thought, you’ve come to the wrong place. The site is a space of positivity and encouragement, leaving you with enough light to get you through even the hardest days. 

    Alli Peters is a 21 year old writer, photographer, and introspective thinker living in Minneapolis. SYMR was born in 2012 with the intention of being an outlet for Peters. What she didn’t know was that her words would soon begin reaching other people, drawing multitudes in with her optimistic views on life, relationships, and ways to enhance productivity and one’s overall happiness.

    I spent a solid two hours in Panera stalking Alli’s presence on the internet, and I promise that when you shamelessly do the same, you will not regret a thing. Her willingness to be vulnerable and broken and open with an audience of people she has likely never met is a beautiful thing. So many try to let others into their mess, but they make it polished. The thing that I appreciate about Alli is that she shows you where she’s been, and is honest with the steps she has taken that have gotten her to where she is now, sharing them with you because she cares and wants you to grow too. 

    After scrolling through her Instagram feed (which is like a 12/10, believe me), and reading countless blog posts about productivity and positivity, I feel lighter. I have a newfound drive to wake up and start my day doing the things I love, and I have read how Alli has reaped the effects of doing these things in her own life. 

    Alli shared a beautiful and completely relatable post on her blog on one March #SelfWorthWednesday about being eager and bold, and how her type-A personality was discontent in the unknown. Her college graduation from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities is pending, and she isn’t afraid to admit that she hasn’t secured a job, lease, or many of the other things that remain uncertain when one prepares for actual adulthood. As much as it pains me to admit this, I find comfort when I see another twenty-something who doesn’t pretend to have their life together. It reminds me that we aren’t alone, that us millenials are figuring out this big scary life out together. 

    Alli, thank you for pouring your life out onto these pages. Thank you for laughing at yourself, for sharing all you’ve learned in your 21 short years so that others can learn and laugh alongside you. Your vulnerability is inspiring and powerful, and your joy in the ordinary and optimism despite uncertainty are rare. I am thankful for your presence. Never forget that your stories and your self-discoveries have not only shaped you, but your online platform has allowed them the opportunity to change other people. Never stop seeking joy and light. Thank you for starting your mornings off right and inviting us to join you.

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