A Review: Deux

Twenty-two-year-old twin duo Megan & Liz started off on YouTube making covers of popular songs. They've slowly built their career over the past 9 years on a great fan base. They’ve won the iHeartRadio Rising Star contest in 2012, as well as having their own Ring Pop flavor. These two girls have become beautiful young ladies and as a huge fan of theirs, I received an amazing opportunity to review their newest EP, Deux, that was released early March of 2016.

    Deux is a seven track EP, a collection of songs they’ve written in the past and songs written recently. The EP consists of songs of different styles but still touching back to their country sound. Megan & Liz used this EP to tell a story of being in your 20-somethings: their journeys of falling in and out of love, becoming an adult, learning to be on your own, and a self discovery of where they belong.

    The first track on the EP is Drive. Honestly, this song is such a great song to roll down the windows of your car to and just literally, drive. Feel the breeze in your hair and just go somewhere. It is also a song to remind us that you will need to take that step back to clear your mind because you may not know where you’re going or what you’re doing.

Big Kids is the second track and their first single off this EP. It’s that song that you can relate to while you’re in the age of 20-somethings. You’re at an age where you’re starting to become an adult, scrambling and not knowing what to do with your life. You may feel like you’re in limbo, wanting to become a full grown adult who pays bills, or you’re that person who wants to stay home and be with the parents, still the child of the family. This song is also to help you relate to the fact that you are being surrounded by people who do know what they want to do with their lives and are getting married, having children, which is okay too. “Big Kids” is to express that it’s alright to not be doing what others, at your age, are doing.

Third, White T-Shirt, a song of romance. Here you go, my fellow hopeless romantics! Here’s the song that you are dreaming of. A song that talks about finding the one and just wanting to be with them no matter what you’re doing whether it’s city hall or Vegas. This is for the ones who want or know of love and the many wonders of it. So this one is for you my dearest love addicts.

The next track is He’s Not Him. This track is a reminder to those who had a bad experience with one partner that the next won’t be the same. It is a song to show that the person you may be with whether it is someone new or just discovering yourself, you don’t need that person or bad experience. The little things that remind you of it won’t always haunt you because you are better. You have let go and moved on.

That Ghost, has a haunting tone to the song. It expresses a feeling of constantly being followed by your past, a person you used to be. The lyrics speak of the fear of falling back into the place you once were at, the scary one where you weren’t yourself. The music behind the lyrics beautifully follow these lyrics telling us that it will constantly be close and give us that fear.

Just a Name, is about the last step of getting over someone. It is that last breath we breathe where we’ve let go and the only thing that would be associated with the person who broke our heart is their name. Even the sound of their name will no longer hurt your well being and rediscovery of yourself.

The last, Home Is You, is a soothing song to remind us of that one person we have in our lives who we can always rely on. They are YOUR person, the one we go to with broken hearts, great news, or just to not be alone. This track defines the depth and strength in a relationship with that one person and it is the most personable on this EP.

The EP is filled with songs of letting go, loving, and being okay. Deux explores different styles of expressing hurt, love, letting go, and letting in new things. This EP is the story of the 20-something year olds.

Dorothy Yeung