Feature || Arielle Estoria

"This is for the dreamers who skip rocks on clouds                                                                                even when people keep telling them to come down.                                                                      Yes this is for the hopeless romantics who are more                                                                     than open wounds or open books they are pop-up shops                                                                 of love leaving letters in glass bottles                                                                                                   and  kissing them to shore.                                                                                                                Yes this is for the wild ones, too haunted                                                                                          by rejection to admit that they are wild..."

From her poem This Is For Youthese are among some of the first words Arielle Estoria shares with her audience who happen to stumble upon her site.  She's a voice for the silenced, the creatives pushed from their righteous path and the dreamers still fighting.

Arielle Estoria: Poet, Author, Spoken Word Artist, Blogger, Speaker and Creative Curator. The words she shares are, as her site clearly states, "words not for the ears but for the soul." This 24 year old creative, who was born and raised in North Carolina, holds no wisdom back through her work where she shares her life and experiences through thought provoking words. Everything she writes holds caliber, weighs on your heart, and asks you to dig deeper within yourself.  She forces you to come face to face with your sense of self worth, introduce yourself and never let it go.

Besides being the powerhouse behind her words through her site, Ms. Estoria has also collaborated on a book of poetry, Vagabonds and Zealots, and has spoken at multiple universities including Azusa Pacific University, Cal State Fullerton, and UCLA. She's even spoken at conferences in the California area and so on. She has contributed work to The Yellow Conference blog, writing of the power of social media, how to build yourself after graduation, and racism in America in her I Never Wanted to Be an Angry Black Woman  piece.

Arielle Estoria is carving a path for herself through written and spoken word.  She encourages empowerment and confidence in women because she herself knows the struggle all too well.  Her spirituality shines through her works and she is quick to remind her readers that their faith is and should always be unfaltering. 

In her own words: ...fear is good, just don’t let it consume you. Do what makes you come alive, if there is a fire within you don’t let fear, expectations or doubts extinguish it but instead fuel it. God works in mysterious and beautiful ways --- let him work on your behalf okay? It will be above and beyond what you could dream of.