A How-To: Spring Room Decor

As someone who enjoys sleeping and just relaxing in general, it’s no surprise that my bedroom is my favorite room in my house. It’s a space that’s completely my own where I can just escape the craziness of the day for a bit. 

Since I still live at home while going to college, I never got a chance to decorate a dorm. So, before school started, I decided it was time to change up my room and make it a place where I would enjoy spending my time. 

My room has gone through so many changes over the years. Once I was able to choose a paint color for my room, I thought I’d stick with my favorite color, purple. That didn’t last too long and soon it was replaced with an awful bubblegum pink color. However, as I matured and started school, I decided it was time to go with a more basic look, opting for a gray and black theme.

But with the start of spring, it’s only necessary that my room gets a bit of a fresh start as well. In last week’s blog post, I noted that one way to welcome spring was to undergo some good, old-fashioned spring cleaning. One simple way to improve your space is to add some new spring decor. Think bright pops of color and florals! 

In order to update your space in the most affordable way possible, opt for some do-it-yourself projects. Whether you’re a beginner or a self-proclaimed DIY queen/king, there are hundreds of projects that allow you to incorporate your own personal style and give your room a spring twist!

One of my go-to DIYers for room decor would have to be Lauren Riihimaki, but you probably know her better as LaurDIY. Hailing from Canada, this DIY guru shows viewers how easy it is to get crafty while creating things for a much cheaper price than that item in their favorite stores that they love but can’t afford. Her videos vary from clothing and room decor DIYs to tips and tricks for every occasion. Last week, Lauren showed viewers an easy way to get their rooms ready for spring by incorporating some bright homemade pillows! Lauren is a fan of the no-sew DIYs, so all you will need for these projects are some fabric from your local craft store or an old tshirt, a glue gun, and some pillow stuffing. By changing up your pillows, you can simply add a pop of color to your room without undergoing a complete room overhaul. With Lauren’s easy-to-follow steps, you are able to make comfy pillows for every season or holiday, not just spring.

As a major fan of all things Disney, it’s no surprise that my room has hints of my favorite movies throughout, from framed pictures that I took in the theme parks to wall quotes. This week, the Disney Style blog shared a simple way to incorporate spring into your room decor, taking inspiration from the movie Bambi. Using fake flowers and a glue gun, the editors at Disney Style teach you how to transform a simple wooden letter of your choosing into the perfect spring decor. This DIY is a perfect way to add some floral decor to your dresser or desk without too much of a mess. I’m not a DIY queen by any means, but this is definitely on my list of must-do’s for this upcoming season. Check out the directions for this DIY here.

Whether you keep it simple or go all out, DIYs are an affordable way to quickly and easily update your favorite room. Having a space that is unique and customized to your own personal style is an essential. It allows you to establish a place that you will always enjoy going to no matter what the new season throws your way.

Header photo credit: Disney Style Blog

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