Springing into a New Chapter

    Growing up in New England, you would think that I would be used to the winter by now. Temperatures become unbearable and it always snows. “Snow” is never a word I want to hear. Also, with the cold weather comes a change in mood. If you’re like me, there’s nothing you would rather do than stay curled up in your bed all day to avoid the bitter weather outside. Napping and staying warm are necessary to remain sane and stay out of the winter funk. That being said, I’m always grateful when spring comes around. It’s a brand new start filled with warmer weather and promising new experiences. So, in order to prepare for this new start, here are some tips to get you out of the dreaded winter funk and into the happy spring mood.



    As I mentioned, cold weather and snow are not my favorite, so any spring day that is even somewhat bearable is a blessing. You may have wanted to stay in the house all day when it was cold, but now’s your chance to get outside! The days have started to get longer, so enjoy those few extra hours that you get. Plan a trip with some friends or pick a spot somewhere in your yard where you can just curl up in the sun with a good book. Being able to finally be outside when it isn’t cold or dark will improve your mood tremendously, so take the time to appreciate the good weather.



    With the start of a new season, comes a change in clothing. It’s finally time to start putting away all of those bulky jackets that you hated having to wear when you stepped outside of your house in the winter. Treat yourself with some new pieces that you can layer when the weather is a bit chilly or some pretty, flowier pieces that you can rock when the weather is warm. But that doesn’t mean you have to purchase a new whole wardrobe! Take the time to go through your spring clothes from last year to see what pieces still fit and get rid of the ones that don’t. Try mixing up the way you wore the pieces that you’re keeping by incorporating new pieces or match them to something you already have that you didn’t think about matching them with last year.



    There’s no better way to start a new season than to get organized and freshen up the space around you. Whether it’s a quick dust or a full-blown cleaning spree, a neat space will get you into the right frame of mind going into the new season. Blast your favorite music and go through one area at a time. Get rid of anything that has cluttered your area throughout the winter and toss out whatever you don’t need. Freshen up your space with some new decor, whether it’s some new bedding or some spring decor DIYs that you’ve been dying to try. Adding some pops of color or trying some new seasonal room scents will instantly transform your space.



    By this time, you’ve probably already stopped following your resolutions that you set at the beginning of the year. Or maybe you’ve already accomplished a goal that you set earlier in the year. Either way, the beginning of spring is a perfect time to set some new goals and give yourself a push to make a change. If you’re like me and are still in school, the spring signals the half way point of the semester, so it’s time to make the next few months really count. The warmer weather may also be what you need to encourage you to start exercising more. Whatever goals you choose to set, use the spring as a time to really focus on them and stick to them into the summer!



    After a rough winter, spring is a perfect time to start a new chapter. Aside from spring cleaning and transitioning into spring clothes, it’s time to focus on yourself. Things may have gotten hectic over the past few months, but now is as perfect time as any to restart. Get rid of any stress that you have been facing and take the time to relax. Spend your days doing something you enjoy around people who you enjoy spending time with. Rid yourself of any negativity that has been surrounding you. This is your chance to begin a chapter of your life the way you want to.

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