Personal: My Definition of Success

Hello again everyone! Today I’m back with something that I think about everyday: success. Being successful in life is something that I’m sure we all want to achieve, regardless of what we want to achieve.


    Something that we don’t think about, though, is that everyone’s definition of success may be a little different. My main idea of success is finally achieving my dream of being a journalist, but there are things in everyday life that make me feel successful as well.


    One thing that I’m not exactly proud of is how messy my room gets. Honestly, I just have to be in it for five minutes before it becomes a disaster. When I get the chance to clean it, I feel extremely accomplished. 


    In regards to working towards my dreams, this past semester at school (which I just recently finished!!), I worked for my school’s newspaper and got to cover the women’s hockey team. Covering the team was so much fun and it made me feel so good to know that I was working towards my goals. Seeing your name published in a newspaper makes you feel so awesome!


    In addition to that, I’m starting the stressful process of looking for a summer internship. Ideally I would want to intern for a newspaper or magazine and finding the perfect one is proving to be more difficult than I thought. It helps having a bunch of writing samples from the newspaper and from my posts here as well. 


    While I’ve already done a lot to work towards my dream, there’s still so much I want to accomplish. Do I consider myself successful in life so far? Yes, especially since I’ve been published not only by a college newspaper, but also a small town newspaper. There’s still so much I want to accomplish and I can’t wait to see where my search for an internship takes me to do just that!