Feature: The Culture Shock.org

Culture shock (noun): A surprised emotion experienced by a person who is exposed to a new or strange environment

    In 2013, Gabrielle Hill and a small team began thecultureshock.org with the goal to “provide a “one-stop-shop” to equip high school students and young professionals with the basic knowledge needed to excel in common career environments and social situations.” Through this site, they provide young adults with the knowledge necessary to succeed in social situations. This knowledge includes everything from the appropriate wardrobe for any event to interview tips and tricks.


The website is broken down into four key categories: Style, Videos, Blog, and Resources.


    Under the Style section, the team supplies readers with outfit ideas, with categories varying from casual to formal. Each category is consists of a series of photographs that display which clothing items can be put together to help you get the look. The site offers options for both males and females. The casual section, for example, puts together outfits consisting of jeans, cardigans, pullover sweatshirts, and sneakers. The business casual category takes it a step further, including blouses, button downs, and skirts. Other categories include business professional, semi-formal, and formal. Though updating your wardrobe to include business pieces can be pricey, the team also looks to minimize those financial barriers by highlighting “thrifting.”


    Aside from the Style section, the team at thecultureshock.org want to remind you that “dressing up is more than what you wear, it’s your attitude.” In their Videos section, they provide videos titled Success Culture that provide advice from people who have been in these situations, and their tips and tricks to handling them. The Blog section of the website is home to posts from founder Gabrielle as well as guest bloggers. In her most recent post, “Mentors Make the Difference,” Gabrielle takes an opportunity to celebrate all of the mentors that she and others surround themselves with. She also provides three simple tips to finding your own mentor. Lastly is the Resources section. Here, young people can find additional sites that can help them improve their business etiquette, as well as provide some inspiration from other young adults.


    Over the three years that thecultureshock.org has been helping young adults succeed, they have also been succeeding themselves. In 2015, a trip to Argentina led the team to expand past their website. This expansion included in-person presentations, workshops and real-life cultural experiences. Today, this team consists of five members: founder Gabrielle, co-founder Bruce, co-founder Katherine, graphic designer/photographer Marcus, and videographer Noah.


Want to learn more about etiquette for basic social situations? Check out their website, their Instagram page, their Facebook page, and their Twitter page.


Mika Matias