Feature: Humanity Unified

Non-profit organization Humanity Unified, lead by co-founder and executive director Maria Russo, is completely “dedicated to lifting vulnerable populations out of poverty through education, food security programs and economic opportunities such as entrepreneurship programs, vocational training and cooperatives,” as stated on their website


    With a team of six full time employees and six Board of Directors members, Humanity Unified brings light to women’s issues that we may not pay attention to, normally. For as little as $15 a month, we can help women of all sorts gain experiences to help further their communities. Donation options of $15, $45, and $100 can provide six months of seeds for farmers, six months of vocational training, or 4% of the funding needed to build the Harvest Haven facility, a women’s run farm. 


    By investing in Humanity Unified, you invest in women's futures. To get involved, visit Humanity Unified at their website, their Instagram, their Facebook, or their Twitter.

Tristen B.