Fashion: Dressing for Cheer

With the holiday season in full swing, dressing for cheer seems to be on everyone’s minds. We all want to look our best for all of those holiday parties, pictures, and activities. Picking out the perfect outfit for every occasion may seem a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be!  Sites like Pinterest, Polyvore, and even Instagram have plenty of good holiday clothing ideas. Here are a few different outfit ideas to get you started!


    My family is notorious for hosting a Christmas Eve party every single year for as long as I can remember. Being your typical holiday party, everyone gets just a little bit dressed up, and I have found being over dressed is always better than being underdressed! Outfits like this one, with a skater skirt, tights and a scoop neck shirt, are the perfect starting place for those who don’t know what to wear! Skater skirts are flattering on virtually any body type, and tights make any outfit just a little bit fancier! You can find this outfit on Pinterest.


    I know that when Christmas morning finally comes around, I want to stay comfortable as long as possible, while dressing cheery! Christmas-themed pajamas for the whole family are the way to go! With so many cute designs and sayings, the options are absolutely endless. You can find these pajamas here, here, and here.


    While outfits for Christmas parties may be a little more subtle and subdued, New Year’s Eve party outfits should be full of glitz, glam, and glitter! Look and feel your best while ringing in 2017 with a sparkly dress! This idea may seem a bit overdone, but there are truly so many options out there for the perfect New Year’s Eve dress, like this pin from Pinterest! Pair with tights, red lipstick, and heels for a classy, glamorous look! 


    Ice skating is one of my absolute favorite activities, and I always make it a priority to go over winter break! Sometimes, it’s fairly difficult to find an outfit that is comfy to skate in while still being cute and wintery. As a rule of thumb, leggings and lots of layers always seems to work. Add a pair of gloves and this outfit would be perfect! You can find this outfit and other ideas on Pinterest.


    Hopefully, these few ideas give you the kick start you need to a fun, fashionable holiday season, as you dress for cheer!

Tristen B.