Feature: Kula Project

    Kula Project is a nonprofit organization that invests in their coffee farmers. Rwanda is the home of this project. Coffee is the most important cash crop in Rwanda. The organization listens and provides for the farmers. They provided them with a coffee washing station. With it, employment opportunities arose for those who didn't have a job before that. The income helps families afford food, healthcare and education. 


    You can't have a washing station for coffee without coffee trees. Kula Project has a shop where you can buy prints and handmade bracelets that will fund the coffee trees. They also have ornaments just in time for the holiday season. 


    Their current project is to create a Women's Vocational Center. It will provide women with jobs outside of the coffee season. New skills will be learned. Those skills and a job will empower women. Empowering women means helping a community. 


    The center is set to open in late January. There is less than 10 days left in raising money for their campaign. There goal is to reach $15,000. You can help fund the vocational center here


Photo Credit: Kula Project

Fida Islaih