Feature: Caris Cruz

Caris Cruz has a profile just as uniquely beautiful as she does a name. Holding the titles writer, photographer, letterer and plane ride lover, Caris is taking the world by every storm there is to pass through. 


    Many writers surf through the internet with the hopes of falling upon that one special blog that offers just about everything for inspiration, and “Hello Caris” fits that criteria. Caris is a one woman show, covering the boards from fictional stories to diary entries to prose and poetry. She uses her words elegantly to illustrate her stories of service at her parish in the Philippines, and peacefully to string stanzas together to depict serenades of love. Caris embodies a soul who simply works to express, and it gracefully works to impress simultaneously. 


    Alongside her saturated path and passion for words, Caris also produces visual art. While traveling, she promises to record the memories through film. Vacations to Paris and day reminiscences of childhood fairytales are all captured and shared. The passionate heart also has a feel for graphic design, which can be viewed on her designated Instagram. These pieces range from inspiring mantras to bohemian women in thought, radiating with utter delicacy and beauty. 


    As if Caris has not fulfilled her life with art and production enough, she has also composed music, with a high inspiration rooting from her faithful background. Being someone incredibly involved in missionary work, she found herself following fate to write this song in lieu of the drive of worship she found herself engulfed in. 


    When your heart wants to sing, it will express itself in any way that it deems appropriate, and for Caris, it seems to be just about any form of beauty. You can feed your art-loving heart to Caris’s writing on her blog, “Hello Caris,” as well as her Twitter and Instagram.

Chelsea Triano