Reflection: So Much To Be Grateful For

“Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough.” -Oprah Winfrey

    In less than 24 hours, Thanksgiving festivities will be underway. From endless amounts of mashed potatoes to a turkey the size of your head, it seems like the holiday is solely focused on food. Not that I’m really complaining about the mashed potatoes though… It’s also the first of many holidays this season when we gather with family, avoiding never-ending questions like “What are your plans after graduation?” or “Do you have a boyfriend yet?”


    However, between stuffing your face and trying to explain to your grandma that no, you don’t have a boyfriend yet, it’s also a time of reflection. A time to look back at the year and appreciate the moments that shaped your growth. A time to be grateful for the people that you surround yourself with and the impact they have on you.


   I’m grateful for family. Growing up, I was very close to my parents. My mother was a stay-at-home mom when we were young, so she was always with us. My dad has always worked from morning until night during the week, so weekends were our chance to spend as much time together as possible. My brother and I never got along, always arguing and fighting, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t kill whoever hurt the other without thinking twice. They say you can’t pick your family, but I would pick these goofs in a heartbeat. I am so lucky to be surrounded with such a loving and supportive group of people. Whether we’re sitting around the dinner table telling each other about our day or bickering over something silly, I will love them forever.


   I’m grateful for friends. Over the past few years, I have found a small group of friends that I cherish and love so deeply. As the “mom” of the group, all I want is to take care of them and see them succeed. I don’t even care how cheesy that sounds. I am so fortunate that they constantly stick by me, whether I’m stressing out over which classes I need to take next semester or getting too emotional over puppy videos. They lift me up on my bad days and celebrate with me on my good days. Thank you for being by my side every step of the way, I don’t know where I’d be without you.


   I’m grateful for the happiest place on earth. It’s no question that other people would label me as “the Disney girl.” Whether it’s singing along to Disney classics or wearing a shirt with Mickey Mouse on it, you can guarantee that Disney will be brought up at least once during my day. I mean there are even times where I question why it’s not socially acceptable to wear Minnie Mouse ears on a regular basis. Most people will roll their eyes and tell me Disney is for kids and they’re just out to get my money. But for me, Disney is a sign of dreams and happiness. A sign that you can do anything you put your mind to. It’s been a source of light in my life and sometimes it’s the push I need when I’m so over school, so I can’t thank that little mouse enough.


   I’m grateful for good music. There is nothing that makes your day a little brighter than finding a song that perfectly fits your mood. Whether you’re having the worst day or you’re on top of the world, there’s an artist who’s been there too. Some of my favorite things include driving with the windows down, blasting my favorite song, and having a dance party for one in my kitchen. Whatever the mood, there is not a day of mine that goes by without music.


   I’m grateful for my Dream On Youth girls. Without getting too cheesy, I just want to thank all of the lovely ladies on this team for being so wonderful this past year. Although we’ve gone through changes and experienced some difficulties along the way, you never lost hope and continued to push forward. You inspire me with every post and I am constantly blown away by your ability to share your love and passion with our community every week. Thank you for being my support system for two years and counting.

Mika Matias