Introducing Fida Islaih

As a poet entrepreneur, I have self published several of my poetry collections. My faith, culture, experiences and love for nature is the foundation of my poetry. My poetry has evolved from being dark with frustration to always having hope. 


    Poetry was and still is therapy. My poetry has helped me learn and understand my faith. It brought me from being naive in thinking I knew everything about wearing the headscarf. I barely scratched the surface. It carried me through confusion. I'm able to understand the choices people make. 


    It has helped me accept my physical disability. Through writing, I could see patterns in my aches. I gained the courage to ask for help. It brings me clarity on the problems and gives solutions. My fears from the disability held me back. With the clarity, I can push myself. Now I hope my poetry will touch the hearts of others. Find what gives you the courage to do more than you thought you could. 


    Photo Credit: Friend

Fida Islaih