Review: Sugar Symphony

To set the scene, this duo’s sound is a mish mosh of Lorde meets Kehlani, with a radiant glow of Beyonce — who just happens to be the one who took these beauties under her wing and signed them. These comparisons do not capture the true uniqueness to the ‘R&B funk’ that Chloe x Halle present, however. 

    The sisters began their career on YouTube back in 2011, premiering their series of covers with predictably Beyonce’s “Best Thing I Never Had.” Since going viral with their rendition of “Pretty Hurts,” the girls have grown rapidly both in recognition and strength. 

    Their newest released EP features songs that belt pain but also of recovery. Sugar Symphony consists of five pieces that individually have their own rhythm and story. The headliner to the EP, “Drop,” features a range of doo-wop to bass that you just can’t help but sway to. The songs have their own flair, yet coherently sit on the same album. 

    One of the strongest songs on the EP, “Red Lights,” embodies the times in life when everything seems to be going so quickly that there is no use to try and pause, but to just let it run on it’s own until you’ve familiarized yourself with the route. The lyric, “Not complete until I find what I’m looking for; home is wherever you put the heart in,” stands out in the bridge, a statement that is incredibly powerful for two young girls to announce in their art. 

    This EP in particular truly represents the image that they had always dreamed of having, which is simply to be painted as themselves. The songs are upbeat and enthusiastic, but are in no way shallow in meaning. 

    The style that the sisters show off in their performances is one like no other. One can hear reflections of other artists within their songs, but Chloe and Halle have been grouped into their own genre and have followed their intention to stay true to themselves. Under their contract with Parkwood Entertainment, the girls have full freedom to express and play with their sound and their heart, making everything released with their name authentic and pure. 

    The girls are currently on tour with Andra Day, and opened up for a handful of Formation World Tour dates. Follow Chloe X Halle on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on their latest endeavors.

Chelsea Triano