Feature: Simple In Nature

sim·ple (adjective) - easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.


    For married couple Luke and Jill Matthews, simple is the way they choose to live their lives. Hailing from Vancouver BC, the two began their blog site, Simple In Nature, as a way to free themselves from the mold of everyday life.  According to their site, “this blog was started because we were tired of trying to fit in and be normal and we wanted to start airing out our thoughts and interests and pursue our own way of doing life. We wanted to create a place where we could post what we want, say what we want and share pictures/videos how we want.”


    The best way for them to live the life they wanted was to live what they refer to as “the simple life.” This lifestyle allows them to … and incorporate their desire to be socially conscious. It allows them to be true to who they are as both individuals and as a married couple.


    In Luke’s post “The Modern Man: a Husband’s Journey to Change,” he discusses how the couple has reached the point they’re at by going against the traditional mold. Luke worked in the construction industry for a few years. Although he didn’t enjoy it, there was work for him to do. While he was out doing construction, Jill fell into the stay-at-home wife role, spending time cooking, cleaning, blogging, and doing graphic design. Both were unhappy with these typical roles, with Jill speaking up about it first. Over time, however, they began to figure out what made each other happy, even if it didn’t fit into their original idea of what a married couple should be. Luke was happy being a self employed, stay-at-home husband who was able to be in charge of his days while Jill was happy working in a busy office environment. This change also provided them with the opportunity to learn more about their love for social change and social good.


    The blog is split up into six main categories that allow the couple to discuss their unique interests. The “Ponder This” category is filled with posts that allow them to share the lessons they’ve learned with readers in hopes of sparking a discussion. The “Lifestyle” category gives readers an inside look on their day-to-day life, whether it’s a trip to a local market or their favorite country songs. “Travel” allows them to highlight places they’ve visited, including quaint Canadian destinations. The “Spotlights” section builds on the couple’s love for social good. They currently have a feature up on Charity Water, an organization that launches water projects in areas where people don’t have access to clean water. The “DIY” section is pretty self-explanatory, highlighting projects such as how to become platinum blonde, making your own whipped body butter, and the step-by-step building of a deck project Luke completed. “Wellness” currently features Jill’s review on Vital Proteins, a collagen protein supplement.


Keep up to date with the blogging couple by checking out their site here. You can also follow the Simple In Nature Instagram page or follow Jill and Luke on their own pages.

Mika Matias